Tuesday, September 09, 2014

You'll see our sign attached to the lovely arching tree as you drive in from downtown Saluda.

Here's our schedule of workshops for 2015

Feb. 28th & Mar. 1st - Jodi Ohl
Mar. 20th & 21st  - Leighanna Light
Apr. 18th & 19th - Kim Wood Beller
May 2nd & 3rd - Sunny Carvalho
May 21st & 22nd - Andrea Matus deMeng
May 23rd & 24th - Michael deMeng
June 26th thru 28th - Seth Apter
July 18th & 19th - Sue Pelletier
Aug 29th & 30th - Lesley Venable
Sept. 12th & 13th - Kate Thompson
Oct. 8th-12th - Gillian Lee Smith (aka Gillian Cox)
Oct. 15th-19th  Gillian Lee Smith(aka Gillian Cox)
Nov. 7th & 8th - Melissa Manley

Anyone interested in any of these workshops, please
email me so that you can be added to the list.
Both workshops with Gillian Lee Smith (Gillian Cox) 
are full with a wait list.

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