Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The days are passing quickly here in the middle of January as I continue to pack and prepare for the Myrtle Beach Quilting Party. I finally have the mini workshop schedule set while we are at the beach. On Thursday night we are going to do a photo transfer class starting at 9pm. Yes, I know it's late but... there are other activities that come first. Friday night we will do Artist Trading Cards and on Saturday, Fabric Postcards. Anyone who will be visiting Myrtle Beach for the show is welcome however the class size is limited as we will be doing the classes in our suite.
Nonetheless, if you are interested, email us.

While all this is going on, we are grateful for the excellent weather here. I am a weather freak so I can tell you what is going on all over the US. Yes, I am. Hard to believe but when I sit here doing work on my computer the weather channel is loud and clear. I may not be watching it but I hear most of it. So, with that said, we are pretty lucky here. No ice, so far.

I have added 2 class descriptions to my web site: Kristi Steiner - March 10th - "I am a woman who...". The first part of her workshop will focus on altering of fabric with dyes, paints, stamps and daubers for a distressed vintage look. Secondly, you will explore "I am a woman who..." and fill in the blanks to creative exercises to add to the pages of your accordion book. There is a complete description on the workshop page.

Not only is Kristi teaching here in the US, but she is offering A Creative Journaling Tour and a course entitled " A Model for Balanced Living" in Orvieto, Italy.
For more information click on her web site. For those of you who enjoy Kristi's method of teaching and her encouraging and nurturing style, this could be the perfect vacation.... Kristi AND Italy. It doesn't get better than this!

On March 31st, surface design artist, Janet Lasher will be here to conduct an Encaustic Collage workshop. She combines printmaking techniques with traditional fiber and beading practices to develop textural, abstract, narrative, and emotional art. Her work is found in private and corporate collections including the first piece in the Bernina International Collection in Switzerland. We are very fortunate to have her here to share some of those skills with us. Be sure to sign up for this extraordinary workshop while there is still space.I have added a complete description of her workshop to my website
Please check it out for more details.