Monday, May 24, 2010

it's Michael DeMeng weekend in Saluda

Michael's newest Book - Dusty Diablos
available this weekend at Random Arts

Yes, it's that time again to await the arrival of Michael DeMeng in Saluda . He is here again for the 5th time to teach at Random Arts. This time he will be honoring us with his presence in our new studio space.
This year, Michael's project for this
2 day workshop
Mask Making

Here's his description on the workshop:
Description: I collect masks. I’m not sure what it is but ever since I was a kid I have always been intrigued by the idea of transforming ones identity. That is why I love masks. Perhaps it’s a superhero thing, but mask making is one of the oldest cultural traditions in the world, in fact the earliest example being from the Stone Age. The hunter would were animal masks to disguise themselves and stalk prey. They transformed themselves into the animals they were hunting. In essence this is what a mask does, it changes the wearer into something else. Have you ever noticed when you wear a mask you act a little differently, that you temporarily lose yourself and become whatever the mask represents? In this class we are going to play with this concept and using various found objects or existing masks, we are going to transform them into strange and unusual facial disguises. This is a two day class. This gives you the opportunity to make plaster forms from your own face if you are so inclined. It also allows ample drying time for some of the constructions before they are transformed with paint and texture. Making masks is different than merely wearing them; it can be a process for artists to reveal what is veiled inside one’s soul. It is a strange art form that keeps secrets but also simultaneously unearths hidden worlds. Oh, the irony.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Silk Ribbon Journal

...with an Italian Twist....
Here's the journal workshop that I taught in Concord, NC
last weekend at the Donna Downey Inspired Artist retreat.

The project began with a text block
that was produced in Italy at a small
printing press type business. I found
this source a while back when one
of our traditional book art instructors,
Savannah Canfield, asked me to find
these for her.
After searching near and far we found
exactly what we wanted and now
we are using them for our
recycled, repurposed and reclaimed
journal bases.

By using the recycled silk sari ribbon scraps from
factory floors in India we are able to continue
the upcycle philosophy.

Vintage buttons, again recycled, bring
more character to my journal
along with a recycled upholstery scrap
used as samples for the furniture design industry.

Each journal that was created in the 3 workshops
that I taught, was different simply because of the
ribbons, batiks, color choices and closures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheryl Darrow from Ten Seconds Studio
created this book from a text block that
I gave her. She used the metal products that
she sells and added our silk sari ribbons to it.

Here's me and Donna Downey sharing a
playful moment

No show would be complete without Jen
and all that amazing high energy that
keeps us on our toes from early morning
to way into the late evening hours.

Wow! We did it again!

The excitement of this past weekend is still "whirling" around
in my head as I

try to "decompress" from a fun-filled weekend at
INspired Artist in Concord, NC.

The immense size of our booth was certainly a 
major undertaking but with all the help from
Jen and Louise we managed to get it all
set up and ready for event in record time.
Jen and I created the wall hangings in the courtyard
of the new studio the week before we left
and rolled them up and hung them for the 
world to see.

One of our favorite instructors, Dara Troshane
who taught a very cool mosaic class
honored our artistic talents and purchased
one of our wallhangings.
Thank you Dara and thanks
for turning us on to your amazing 
mosaic workshops.

Participants from as far away as Australia
joined our creative adventures
while attending the large selection
of amazing workshops offered in
this 4 day event.

I taught a recycled art journal with an
Italian Twist that inspired everyone
to "use what you have"
"make it work with NO RULES"!

Those of you that know me, remember
from way back when that
"there are no rules" has been
my mantra forever and ever.

No one ever walks out of 
one of my workshops with
a project that looks alike.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Seasoned to Perfection

Jewelry celebrating our maturing Selves, naturally...

Long time friend Kate Stockman
from Hendersonville, NC
is showing her newest work
"Seasoned to Perfection" in
the gallery at
The Grand Bohemian Hotel
in Asheville, NC.

Seasoned to Perfection
includes hand crafted pieces of jewelry that
celebrates women who are
savoring their prime: seasoned by their
experiences, fueled by passions, comfortable with
themselves and powerful in their love of life.

Kate uses unique herbs and spices tucked inside tiny
glass vials in many of her pieces each with it's own story.
Titles of her work include:
Salt of the Earth
Good Thymes Mama
Sage Woman

Stop by The Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery
11 Boston Way
Asheville, NC