Friday, June 22, 2012

You never know who you'll meet.

Today was a very interesting day at Random Arts as are most days  but today was exceptional.
Interesting people are always walking through the doors here and that has been the case
over the 16+ years that I have been doing this.  I have always said that you just don't know who might
come in the door on any given day.
I always ask people where they are from? What type of art they do? Have they ever been to Saluda before?  Where are they  going on their journey? It's almost like I am taking a survey or writing a book but my intent is not that. My intent is to get to know those that enter my creative little world here in Saluda... Random Arts. It's like having guests in my house.
I had a soft, cushy feeling about these two women when they came in and I assumed that they were mother and daughter. . . assumed in my mind, not aloud.
They both loved the shop, they looked around at everything, showed them some of my journal pages, explained the zen doodling that we do here.
My questions  continued and finally I found out where they were from and who they were.
They were from Seattle and the older woman,  Joan Wolfberg   is a Chautauqua Scholar who was performing in Greenville, SC as Golda Meir.
Not only did I learn about Joan and her performances but I also learned about the Chautauqua experience in this country. I have actually been to Chautauqua in Boulder, CO with my daughter Jonquil, about 20 yrs ago and it was so amazing. It was probably one of the best vacations that I ever
had experienced. From rafting on the colorado river, to enjoying a concert there at Chautauqua and then going to a Rockies game in Denver. But enough about that.  This is about finding out more about Joan and her acting experience around the country.

For me, this was a very rewarding experience to meet and speak with this talented woman and her beautiful daughter who travels with her to these venues. Thank you Joan and Denise for stopping by Random Arts and for loving all that we do here.