Thursday, February 26, 2009

In the beginning -

It all started with an idea...
A little "sweet tweet" of an idea
when I was up in Chicago at Christmas.

I had these little notes that I had written on
a place mat from the Hyatt Place Hotel.
  1. die cut a bird
  2. add a heart
  3. start a journal challenge
  4. send out a call for artists
  5. auction it off on ebay
  6. proceeds go to a good cause.....
So, there you go, it started then and here's out
it continued....

Here are the little birdies being born in the die cut machine

And here they are, all laid out waiting for flight to you.

All addressed and ready to go

And back they come to us, all completed and
ready to be posted on our wall &
bound into a book.
In order for everyone visiting to understand our
project I posted a description as well as
a bird and a heart.

You know, I still questions about how it all began
but it goes to show you that there has been
a lot of interest in our work. And
we even have a follower in England.
Check out Ann's blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When all is said and done. . .


Below, Michelle Czulada from
Daytona Beach, Florida joined
us again for our challenge.
Love the monotone theme
and the earthy feel.
Thank you again Michelle for joining in.

Although Carol Ponsford's pages were
here at the shop, hung on the wall for all to see,
they were somehow overlooked on
my blog.
I heard lots of comments
about those pink ballerina slippers
that her little "sweet tweet" is wearing.

On the back page is the
brightly colored bird combo pack.
Why is that I can really love those earthy
tones, yet get crazy excited about these
"knock your sox off" tones?
Thanks for your patience Carol.
Her pages are sent to us from Columbus, IN.

With all the pages in good hands here
and hung for all to see, we will start
assembling our book mid March.
If you can make it in before hand to see
each one, please do so, as once it is bound
and auctioned, we know not where it may land.

Road Trip -

The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design

• • • • •
It' s not often that I take a day or a few hours to do something
inspiring or creative, outside of the shop. Tuesday, I did just that.
Along with Meg and Denise we drove out to The Center for Craft,
Creativity & Design in Hendersonville, NC. to see the exhibit Soul's Journey.

Not only were the works of several amazing artists on display, there
were 6, 20 minute videos in the theatre documenting the creative process
of some of these artists.

Christina Cordova-Sculptur (clay)

Michael Sherrill - Mixed Media Clay,Glass,Metal Sculptur

Ellen Kochanski - Mixed Media Fiber Artist

The Center is set into the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains and abounds
with wildlife, walking trails and of course A R T.
They are open Monday - Friday from 10-5. My suggestion, bring a lunch,
have a picnic, take a walk and enjoy the exhibit.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is it, so far...

Do you see your page?

Is it here?


We are now aware that there are a couple
missing that have not been shown on our blog.
Apologies, apologies all around to
those that have not been posted.
Just think - - - everyone will be wondering
what the hubbub is all about and will
be "checking" it out.
Until tomorrow then.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Last? But not least

The final 4, ( we think)!!!

The early bird caches the worm
but in this case, Sharon Roth
of Henderson, Ky survived the
ice storms and came through with her page.
So, if she can do it, so can....


Patti Edmon from Lexington, KY.

Yes, that's right, 2 of the final 3 pages
have arrived from the ice covered
region on Kentucky.
Do you think that we can excuse someone
just because they had no electric, or heat
or phone or internet for weeks at a time?
Be sure to check out Patti's blog, Altered Attic

This was another surprise entry that came
from Allison Cantley who lives in
Calvary, GA. Love those bright colors
and the use of fabrics & textures.


The last and final entry arrives in our mailbox
from Deborah Pickens from Birmingham,AL. Her
piece is done on a heavy acrylic with
her birds attached to both sides.
Very creative. huh?

Thanks so much Deborah for following through

That makes 100% "PLUS" turnaround
100% "PLUS" follow through

we are 100% complete...
except for the binding.
Does it get any better than this?
Ooops, I guess it does...
One last entry arrived today
from .... wait and see on Monday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Taaaaa Daaaaaaa

Now it's getting crazy!!!!!
How many different interpretations can there possibly be?
Sally Casper from Spring Hill, FL
came up with this one.

Then, on the back, she used a vintage
book page and distressed it, made some
deliberate pencil strokes and stenciled the bird.
Thanks so much Sally for
your very interesting and unique contribution.

Shane Sisi, our former metal smith teacher
now lives in Anderson, SC & we were
so excited when she chose to join our
current journal page challenge.
She chose "birds of a feather" theme
and did quite a bit of sewing on her page
with lots of texture and color.
You go girl!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helllloooooo Sweetie.....

It's never too late for love...
Just ask Susan Stone from Greenville, SC.
Her little tweeties are sharing
a kiss. I am loving that textured and
colorful background and that amazing

On the reverse side Susan used several
different paint techniques to create
the symmetrical images on a used book page.

Karina America added some whimsy
to her page as it sits atop a tiny bird cage.
Looks like she used sewing patterns
on the bird and she even used the envelope
as a border.
She lives in New Orleans, LA

Karina's back page shows a study page
from a dictionary & she added some
leaves for dimension.

It'a an envelope journal page... from
Jean Jones of Columbia, SC.
Turn it over, open it up and there's a
journal page.
Thanks so much Jean.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it final yet?

Janice Kitson from Asheville, NC
used a variety of textures to complete her
bird nest including ribbons, feathers, fibers
and glittzy little things.

Janette Grassi collaborates with fellow
artist Doni Jordan and chose to
create similar pages.
Bird = Feather
Heart = Love
Janette is from Charlotte, NC

This drawing is the work of Anne Christ
from Asheville, NC. and is the
reverse of the page shown several days ago.
Thank you Annie.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Tweet Mania

Shirnell joined this challenge with
her friend and receiving a page
from her was a "bonus" entry.

Vicky Dury saturated this page
with a wash of Red Iron Oxide
and then added some twigs,
black outlining and leaves.
Vicki is from Rutherfordton, NC

On page 2, Vicky used lots of color
and brought in the Valentines theme.
She even used the envelope that I
used to send out the challenge pieces.

This page is so dramatic and we can
thank Wan Marsh from Charlotte for
this unique page. Pretty cool huh?

Monday, February 16, 2009

4 more, yes 4 more pages

Michelle Francis from Asheville
used hand made papers to create the circular
design with bold contrasting colors.
Her bird holds a sweet message
attached to the heart.

The textures and use of natural
mosses are breathtaking when seen
in person, and the fluffy, cottony
nest holds little sparkly things that
crows often pick up and bring back.
This page was created by Michelle Campbell
from Flat Rock, NC

Oh yes, Jen Salak, our Jen, thought about
how "time flies" when she created her page.
Clock numbers and a movable center crow
make it an interactive piece.
Crackling, fiber paste and Diamond glaze add amazing
textures to her work.
Jen lives in Hendersonville, NC

Page one of Anne Christ's entry reflects
a quiet mood with a bounce of bright red.
Annies' back page will be seen in
an upcoming blog.
She lives in Asheville, NC

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tweeeeetie Tweeeeeet

Madelyn Butts creating a striking
page with contrasting colors
and a funky quote using a labeler.
Madelyn is from Greer, SC

These 2 pages (above and below) are created
by Mary Wilken's daughter, Rachael.
When she saw her mother having fun with
this project she wanted to join in too.
They live in Charlotte, NC.

Oh, Rebecca! How fun is this?
Great colors, great textures and
what a novel idea with 2 birds
facing opposite directions!
Rebecca Parsons is from Fernadina Beach, Fl.
Visit her blog to see more of her art.

Pssst - "there's still more art to come"

Just when we think that
we have received all that we can receive...
someone walks in with their page or
the mail arrives and POOF - another page.

Betsy Libbey from Saluda brought in her
page yesterday when she attended Martine House's
"Surfaces that evolve with fibers, paints & foils workshop"
Betsy used Moda Nest fabrics attached to her
substrate and added her message of hope
along with an Emily Dickinson poem.

On the reverse, Betsy used a mask to
create her own bird image and the same
luscious colors as on the front page.
Thanks Betsy, it's a work of art.
Visit Betsy's blog for more inspiration.

The colors really pop on Jean Hawkins page,
as does the texture and the great design.
Jean is from Chattanooga, TN

A subtle bird shadow created with the
stencil was added to the glorious background,
along with a poem.
Thank you so much Jean. Love it.