Thursday, February 24, 2011

Room for words

It always amazes me that
the possibilities for adding color
to a page in my moleskin journal, are endless.
One of my favorite materials to use for
adding color is the Peerless Watercolor

paper sheets. Each sheet of paper is saturated
with watercolor so it's easy to pick
up color and transfer it to my journal page.

Every page of my
journal has some sort
of color added to it
with lots of
space for adding words.

If the pages have color
it's much easier to
work on that surface
other than a plain white page.
Looks like these two pages were done at
the same time.
So, whenever the mood strikes,
I have some pages that are ready
for notes, thoughts, ideas,
or simple scribbling.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Everyday thoughts & actions

I noticed something about my journal

Every page is so much different than the next.

With some artists, it is so easy to identify their work,
but I think that mine is so random that one would
never know what style that I actually have.

I can go from bright & cheerful color palettes to
to dark, dreary and sometimes scary.

I wonder what that says about me?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Journal pages in Costa Rica

I have been giving myself permission
to do some mindless work in
my moleskin journal the last few
months and feels really, really good.
Sometimes, that's all it takes...
is to "let go" and play.

Using the water reservoir brush
and the large set of Peerless paint pads
along with my moleskin, I set out
with goal in mind to have some sort of color,
designs, doodles and drawings
on every single page in the entire journal.

I actually started this book last November while
I was in Costa Rica as I was still savoring the
Jane LaFazio workshop that was held
in my shop Random Arts in Saluda, Sept.'10.
While still fresh in my mind I was able to
create some interesting examples of Costa Rican
flora y fauna along with the urban tangles
of wires, metal y cement.

I can get hung up on certain colors and styles
while creating the journal pages and thats
when I have to stop myself and say
"move on, lighten up".

Sunday, February 06, 2011

$4.00 worth of slow food

All this for $4.00 and so much more. . .

The Farmers Market it San Jose, Costa Rica
is filled with not only fruita and vegetales
but inspirations from all around.
Just look at the mountains in the background
where coffee plantations grow the worlds
best coffee. yummmmmm

Now these beets that I bought are as big as cantelope in comparison to the ones that I buy in NC. which are the size of a golf ball and very expensive.

Cutting into these was so easy. I was expecting them to be hard as a rock but no.... soft and beautiful inside and I only cooked them for about 15 minutes and they were ready to eat. . . just like that.

So, last night's dinner consisted of fresh pineapple, cooked beets,
fresh broccoli with fresh red peppers, garlic and onion.
and fresh from the market strawberries.
A feast for the eyes, the body and the soul