Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Space available this Sat. June 28th

When Kristi unveiled to us, this past February, her fused fabric & paper booklace we knew immediately that we had to get her on the calendar to come teach in Saluda. Finally the time has arrived. This Sat. June 28th Kristi will be in Saluda for a full day workshop and she promises... that we can complete this in one day.
This is how she describes her one of a kind "booklace"

Take some of your favorite fabrics, add bits of old papers, mix them together in a fanciful collage, top off with your own hand embellishments, bind all into a beautiful book, wire on a wonderful chain and you have a captivating booklace!

Learn how to use new fusible products to create your booklace base. Tips for striking collage combinations and thorough adhesive information are demonstrated. Hand embroidery stitches are explained as well as ideas for adding yummy embellishment details. Play with tinting techniques for colorful book pages, then learn how to bind them easily together. Simple wiring methods are explained for adding your favorite charms and beads to the metal booklace chain.

You will be proudly wearing your dear creation home with ideas dancing in your head for the more enchanted booklaces.

Call or email to register for Saturday's class.
The cost: $95
The time: 10-4
Includes: pastries and coffee at 9am
a full day instruction with Kristi
a catered lunch
a supply kit
a guaranteed full day of fun and creativity!

Can you feel the magic?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gifts, Thank You's & More Pics

Thank you Katie Kendrick for
this delightful creation. Is it a fish?
A doll? A worm? A funky folk art doll?
No matter what
it is, I love it and I SO
appreciate Katie's thoughtfulness.
This will find a good home in
my studio.
While Katie was here in Saluda she taught
a Funky Folk Art Doll workshop
which included her quick & easy
lessons on how to paint these unique faces.

Above is Meg Fowler's completed
doll, although her creation is a
not really a doll, it's Sunshine,
a local raccoon that finds
food and shelter on top of
her mountain near Saluda.
There's plenty of stories about
her raccoons that she is happy to
tell including the one about this
sad little gal that lost part of her
tail recently... poor baby.
I think that Meg made up for
that loss with the multitude
of beads and baubles that
she hand sewed on this one.

Below is Sharon Kolbye's
interpretation of the Folk Art Doll.

Sharon Kolbye attended Katie's class
class as well and completed her
blooming creation the very next day.
Really really cool Sharon.

Go to Lynn Roberts' blog for
more pics & news about Katie's classes

Jean Moore of Asheville brought along
one of her sweet little paper doll creations
(Look closely, she put my name on this one)
that were published in Artful Paper Dolls.
How adorable is that? What a good
idea as a place setting for a tea party
or a bridal or baby shower.

Monday, June 16, 2008

It was an exciting weekend here
with artist Katie Kendrick from
Belfair, Washington.
Her 14 x 18 piece above was sold
before it even arrived here. All
she had to do was put it on her blog
and Meg bought it!
(check out Carol Sloan's Blog for more pics
and projects from the weekend)

Katie launches into the day with
some basic information on
blending Golden paints to achieve
flesh tones for the faces.

Jean Moore (L) Lina Olson (M)
and Joyce Berger (R) look
very intent as they proceed to do
their doll faces for their folk art doll.

Angela Rand from Fairhope, Alabama
creates her unique face on canvas for
her wall hanging.

This is one of Mary Bryan Roberts'
faces that she completed in the
Fabric Wall Hanging class.

Betsy Libbey works on her face for
the Folk Art Doll.

She was quite proud of
her results.

This was the first time for many of the
participants to draw and paint faces.
Happily for everyone, we weren't into

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


A miscommunication between us has occurred. Oh well...
just change the dates for Patti's , GoldenPaints
from "friday and saturday"
Saturday August 23rd and
Sunday August 24th
in Saluda
at the Senior Center.
This is Patti Brady's second year here at random arts!
She is the Golden Working Artist Program Director
and last year we just couldn't bear to have the day end
so we scheduled her for this 2 day big event.

Here is the description of this 2 day event. Yes, it is a 2 day workshop inclusive.

In this two day workshop we will explore a multitude of surfaces created
with gels and grounds. I'll cover new digital grounds that allow you to print images on a multitude of flat surfaces: non-porous papers, acetate, acrylic skins, even aluminum foil. We will cover some of the technical challenges of working with inkjet printers and explore ideas for incorporating these images with gels, in a textured collage. Explore inventive combinations of images and acrylic gels in unique and surprising applications. This workshop will be all about "ideas" not necessarily creating an end project.

Our space at the Senior Center is big, it's well lit and it's air conditioned.
and... there's a catered lunch every day and
there's pastries and coffee early at
the shop.

How could you ask for more. Don't miss out on
this 2 day event. You're bound to learn a whole
bunch of stuff that will be jam packed into 2
days! The cost? Only $195. for 2 full days.
You can register by calling us at 828=749-1165
or you can email us to register
you can paypal the amount to us.
First come first serve! Register early to be sure that you are IN!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Now showing....

I just love the faces that
Meg Fowler does.

Each one so expressive,
so intuitive, so much
passion and personality.

Amazing things come
out of this woman and
i always wonder why I
can't do it.
I try doing faces but mine
never come out as good as hers.
She rocks the art world and yet
she doesn't get the recognition.

I have seen her gourd art,
her sewing projects, her
painting, her beading,
her sketching, her embroidery,

her jewelry and on and on and on.

Is there nothing that this woman can't do?
Oh yes, her books. I forgot about
that. She is an incredible book artist as well.
I have said for a while now that
I want to do a show of

Meg's work and I am
quite sure that I could fill an entire room
with all the amazing pieces that
she has created.

Friday, June 06, 2008

My favorite ATC's

I just loved these 2 ATC's that were created by
Bobbie Kittner from DC.
Come to find out, she is a graphic designer!
She used our wholey paper as part
of the process however it's the
the design and composition that
intrigued me the most. First of
all she used a very heavy 300#
water color paper as the base
and then created her collage in
the center. Her color choice is
warm and it all seems to
work really really well.
An antique glossy finish
was applied over the top
giving it a cohesive & well
put-together work of art.
Imagine these as a huge wall hanging
either in fabric or paper.
One would never know that these are
tiny little 2.5 x 3.5 ATC's.
Thank you, for being so generous
with your work.

Below right and left
are two that I created after
admiring her work for the last few weeks.
My artist friend, Sa Smith, created the one
in the center. She is a water color artist
and teacher and working with this medium
challenged her somewhat, although you
would never know it!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another happy artist!

Carol Sloan from Atlanta writes:

Hi Jane!

My friend, Paula, and I came in to the shop yesterday and we LOVED it! And you were right, I think that Jen DID have bells on! What an awesome "gal" she is, a gem for you I'm sure. She was so helpful to us. And so excited about a couple of things that we got excited too!

But I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed shopping there. You really are unlike any shop I've ever been in...it's like Dr Frankenstein collided with a mixed media truck or something...oh, I know, how about this

old+new+art=Random Arts


Carol+Jen+Paula+Random Arts = Damn, I spent a lot of money!


All laughs aside, you have an awesome shop! I did have one question burning in my head though...where in the world do you have room to hold classes at?

Thanks so much and do tell Jen thanks as well!