Friday, December 28, 2007

mmmmmm gooooood

McFarlan's old fashioned bakery in Hendersonville, North Carolina is an addictive place, just ask Cheryl Prater. She is quite fond of the macaroons but I personally like (love) the cinnamon bear claws.... (or cinnamon bobka as I like to refer to these scrumptious morsels of heavenly delight)
After a brief & unexpected visit to the ER this past Sat morning, it was early enough to avoid the shopping crowds in downtown Hendersonville and stop by for a quick munchie. Oh my goodness, fresh out of the oven and only 2 bites for me this time, but once I recovered a bit I had to go back for more on Monday. How many did I get, you ask? Not 1, not 2, not3 but 4 . Four Cinnamon Bear Claws! One is definitely big enough to split so that's what we did and now there are 3 left for later. (maybe) So, if you are ever in the Hendersonville area stop by McFarlan's bakery on Main Street for an absolutely decadent and delightful non fat, fat free, low cal (LOL) taste of ... anything ..... right out of the oven. Yummmm.
I don't work there or have relatives that work there or have any monetary interest in this establishment. Purely a gastronomical attraction.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Put this one on your "must have" list!

Mixed Media Nature Journals by L.K. Ludwig has just been released and I have found it hard to put down, even in this busy season. You will find new techniques for exploring nature, life and memories. She has written this book in a way that brings together glorious colors, easy to follow instructions and the inspiration & creativity that focuses on a wide range of techniques for creating journals. Included are creative twists on leaf rubbings, plant pressings, and non traditional printmaking using patina solutions on brass, copper mesh, and layering with mica and resins. I am already planning on doing the print making with the procion dyes out back on the picnic table this spring, so I give this the "thumbs up". Now in stock at the shop.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


These 2 paintings came in the form of inspiration in a new book by Alisa Golden entitled
Painted Paper. She is a book artist and author of several books on creative and expressive bookmaking and book binding. I saw an exhibit of hers at the main library in San Francisco a few years ago and it was truly amazing to see these works of art up close and personal.
This particular technique focuses on holding your paintbrush by the bristles and dipping the other end into a very liquid acrylic paint or acrylic ink. This method leaves out of total control of moving the brush where you want it. It's a flimsy little technique that really lets you move out of the box. When your black lines of your object is complete, you let it dry, or dry it quickly like me with a heat tool, and proceed to wash colors into and around the image. You need to try it, its a lot of fun.
Right now her book is sold out but I plan to get more in after Christmas. Each page is filled with new techniques just like this... but different.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nothing is stopping me now!

Inspiration from Marney at our holiday get together set me in motion with my very own textured book cover. It all started with the Oct/Nov issue of Quilting Arts .
This is where Marney saw the Textured Book Wrap by Angie Hughes and gave it a try.
Once I saw hers I knew that I wanted to do my own, so I did.
The process was fairly simple although the weaving took a little time. Not too much to stop me from trying this awesome technique.
I used pieces of scrap fabric ( not scrap to me of course), some random ribbon pieces,
beautiful leftover fibers and lace.
Once the weaving was done I secured
it onto fusible interfacing and a synthetic
organdy. Synthetic because the "plastic"
part of it will melt when "torched" with a
heat tool. That was the cool part. Then I began
to sew. I decided to do a spiral
theme starting from the middle of
the piece and going outward.
That turned out pretty good since
I didn't want to end up with gloppy
fabric in the center. My way of having a "rule" of sort.
Only when it is all sewn do you start
in with the torching. The transformation
is breathtaking when the colors
from the base begin to appear through the
seared organdy.
A few little applications of design around the edges
and a handmade cord completes the design.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Cone -activity" Get it?

The cones are appearing out of nowhere, everywhere, here and there and they get better and better. Pretty soon it will be enough for a "cone show" here at Random Arts. I am lovin' it guys and if any of you might want to commit to participate, let me know. The only thing is I get to keep the cone, at least until the cone show. Who knows what might come of all of this? Another article in CPS? Hmmmm. That's quite an idea.
In the meantime here is a glimpse of Meg Fowler's contribution.... Her piece is completed covered with fabric and silk ribbon embroidery. Each hand stitched part of this exquisite work of art sparkles with creative energy and love for what she does. I can just see her high atop her mountain in that cozy little cabin, sitting back in her comfy chair, listening to a crackling fire, gently piecing her silk ribbons onto the delicate silk base. Each piece tells her story, especially this one, how she was expecting her daughter to have a baby girl for 8 months and then found it was a boy... so all the girl colored quilts and projects got set aside for future generations and she had to scurry around to complete the right things for that baby boy. Thus the abundance of soft pinks, lilac and whites in her stash of lovely fabrics.
PS. She made the tassel too!