Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Words are flowing again. . .

For some reason, I felt like I was out of words. I couldn't remember any words that I wanted to say nor could I remember any words that I might like to say ... until tonight.

So, after looking over so many of the pictures  that I took today of our re-cap of the
Retro Inky Prints ( a workshop that Helen Shafer Garcia taught here at the beginning of October)
I decided that it was time to show off our results from today.

Although there were only 4 of us in this mini re-cap session, we sure did some great pieces.
First of all we couldnt even remember "how" to do the process, so we called Meg. She knows everything, and ... she remembers how to do everything too.

It started with slathering some Golden Black Open Acrylic on our plexiglass.. After that, we were stuck. But as it turned out the process was quite simple and the results were amazing.

 Ruthie created an interesting &
simple & colorful retro print.
 I borrowed a FREE  image
that Cloth Paper Scissors offered
a few years ago for my image and
then kicked it up a knotch with 
my use of colors.  
 This owl was created by one of our
newest additions to our Tuesday
get-togethers, Loretta.
This was only the beginning.

 Loretta also drew a simple
flower and added powerful color
to practice this technique. 
 I sketched a simple bird in a mountain
setting with a few plants and then
added some bright color.

Last but not least, Susan Warrick loves 
her cats and decided what could be a simpler
image for a retro print technique then her 
precious little kitties.