Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All over the country...

People are talking about Random Arts.
Visitors from Kennebunkport, Maine? Yes, right here in Saluda
making a stop just for us! Stephanie Whiting visited today and
has been looking forward to coming to our shop for years and
today was the day. She was on her way to the worlds biggest
garage sale starting in Alabama and of course she had to make
a side trip to Random Arts. Next to her on the left is Joyce, who works here on Tuesdays.
Thanks Stephanie.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Teeny Tiny Tid Bits

The news about our new t shirt has gotten out
but...I am going to let everyone in on part of the
design. This is only a small portion
of the entire design, but you can get an idea of
the colors, the feeling and the look of it!
We love all of it and we have graphic designer
and artist from Asheville, Annie Christ, to thank
for her creative choices in color, design and
composition. She really knew how to bring
the feeling of our shop into the design. She has
been a customer of ours for years and that
certainly helped when it came to the design
part of it. Annie knows our shop quite well
& has been here with us as we evolved over time.
All of us here are so excited to see the finished
product; which should be in the next couple
of weeks. During this process, Joyce came up
with the idea of an apron, soon you will be
able to identify who works here and who doesn't
because we will all be wearing aprons, except Paul.
He's the guy, so you will know who he is.
Jen added her input on the design and so did
Susan and she says, "it takes a village".
With our team in place, it can only
get better.Keep us bookmarked so you can see
more clues to a finished product and a release
date as well. Hey, lets have a party, too.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

HGTV Star in Saluda

Saturday's workshop with Louise McClure
was a sure HIT for all those in attendance.
Each of the eight participants created a
multitude of charms made from mica,
metal, paper, bone, buttons and transfers.
Louise showed off her work with
wire wrapping on layered necklaces
that she has done for various
publications, ETV, HGTV and book
contributions. We were taken back
by all that we could do in one class
and of course, by popular opinion,
Louise was asked to come back. I
suggested a " cold connection" workshop
on a weekly basis here at the shop.
Anyone interested should get in touch with me.

While all this was going on in the classroom I decided to work with this new stamp from Tin Can Mail and wholey paper to create some new ATC images for my trade book. Come on everyone, you know what ATC's are!
I have six more very cool ones to trade so anyone that gets here first has first chance at choosing which one they want in trade.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Word is out!

Look what they are saying about us!!!!
"I'm also glad to see that you've finally gotten Patti Brady
scheduled to come to Random Arts. I worked as her assistant for 3
1/2 years and I learned so much exciting information from her, you
will all be thrilled to have her. I am now back in the 8 - 5 office
world... but find every moment I can to be creative.
Best of luck with your business, your blog and your projects. Your
existence in Saluda is a goldmine. Keep up the good w
Sent to us via email by Susan Stone, Greenville, SC

Look at that! We are on the right track here at Random Arts. Come see what we do and "how" we do it!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Authors, artists and writers, oh my!

Childrens book author, Steve Tiller from Atlanta, Georgia visited Random Arts in Saluda on Saturday. What a joy to meet him and his daughter. Some of you may be familiar with his books and now, I am too. It is so much fun to meet so many talented and creative people who come through our doors on a daily basis. One of the questions I asked Steve was if he had a website? Do you have a blog? Hmmmm! A writer without a blog, so I encouraged him to do it an assured him that it was so simple, that he had no reason not to. But you know how that goes with deadlines, book signings and day to day life seems to interfere with our most creative urgings. He came in looking for a way to letter on a wooden frame and "everyone" was telling him that it "couldn't be done". My reaction was anything could be done so lets start with this idea and we chose rubber stamps and acrylic paint. We chatter, he left and returned shortly with a gift.
"Tangle Fairies" one of his childrens' books that he had written. He told me about his illustrator who does computer art for all his books. Very interesting and very talented, I must say. HOW does he do those pictures?
We will be waiting to hear from Steve regarding the creation of his blog.
Speaking of blogs, Apex artist, Susan Hecht also visited us on Saturday and we discussed the benefits of blogging and just how easy it is to get one started. She sells her paintings in galleries in Greensboro, Apex, Sullivans Island and other places. Check out her website for more info.
The " RANDOMLY ALTERED DIVAS" have a blog too and I will be adding pictures of past and present adventures of our group as time goes on. Click to see some of what we do.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The "nature of my heart" book

It's here ! Kristi Steiner dropped off the "nature of my heart" project for the "Believe in Yourself" retreat coming up in Blowing Rock in September. My words cannot express the beauty, the detail, the color and the energy of this book. Susan Edmonson and Kristi have created a masterpiece here by using the "nature" theme and carrying it through with the robins egg blue colors, the painting with threads, the water color techniques on fabric, the little hand stitches that make me want to put needle to hand to fabric and do exactly what they have done.
We feel so honored that Kristi allowed us to "hold" onto their precious sample until the retreat. Anyone who wants to stop by and see it in person is more than welcome and if you were in the least bit considering joining us in Blowing Rock Sept 5, 6 and 7th - seeing this may help make that decision a reality.
My pictures do not show the true beauty of the colors, the dynamics of the creativity that went into this project or the detail of each and every fragment of it's every page. Wow! Do I love it or what? You just need to see it to understand what I mean. Please try and stop by.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transmorphing gourds into purses

It's everywhere, it's everywhere and I am surrounded by all of you, beautiful artists who continually show me and bring to me all that you create. Denise Henderson creates with gourds, among other things, but her passion is gourds. She is a regular at the gourd gatherings in Cherokee, NC where she takes classes, donates her work for auction and sells what she has created. Here on the upper right, Denise is showing her most recent work of art; a gourd purse with a dragonfly that the mysteriously etches somehow into the gourd... Each piece that she creates is meticulously perfect, each delicate line, the colors and the form and function. On the lower right, Sharyn Stressing shows off a gourd purse that she purchased from Denise. Her request was for the scribed tree with 3 eggs, so Denise took her artistic liberties and came up with this design. The robins egg blue paired with the rich sienna are a perfect match and just what Sharyn had in mind.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Random Arts Runway

Jen is back from her holiday in Sweden and Germany, finally. After telling me all about her trip and sharing pictures of awesome sites our shop began to fill up with familiar, fun and creative friends from around the country. Karen from Country Mercantile in Lowell, NC came in to see us wearing her "altered jean skirt" that she made in Susan Edmonson's workshop. "Sew" awesome, I WANT to make one. (whine, whine, whine). I love details on the back pocket and the little postage patch piece. Susan sells the kit and teaches it at quilt shops and shows in the Charlotte area. Speaking of Susan Edmonson, she will be here on October 20th to teach her newest piece of wearable art " the sewn cuff with photo transfers". Karen and her partner, Pat do the quilt shows like we do and we meet up with them and both Jen and I spend lots of money buying great fabrics, trims and "stuff". We love their shop.
Two talented women from the Pensacola area in Florida came in together on Thursday and first thing I saw was this beautiful beaded necklace that one of them was wearing. Come to find out, Darlene Samuel teaches beads and embroidery and will be doing so at the Fiber Fair
in Fletcher, NC this coming October. Her work is phenominal!
The dates of the event right here in this area are Oct 26th, 27th
& 28th, at the Ag Center in Fletcher. Lorraine Cathey brought
in her vintage suitcases filled with her needle felted dolls that
she creates and shared them with all of us in the shop. She will
also be teaching there in October. You need to see these dolls up
close to appreciate the amount of work and time that goes into
them.They even have little butts and teeth and fingernails all
made out of needle felting. Aaaaammazing!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stay away

It's a busy week in Saluda with Coon Dog Day approaching this Saturday, July 7th, and if you don't like crowds, and I mean "ccrrrrroooooowwwwwwdddddds, than stay away from Saluda on Sat. July 7th. Every year someone tries to get to the shop on that day forgetting that this crazy event is going on and is stopped at the interstate by "local police" and police wannabees telling them that all the roads are closed.... and they are! WE ARE CLOSED that day for a very good reason, so, "fair warning" to all those that don't need to swelter in the heat with the maddening crowds and the loud sirens of at least 50 fire trucks from the area. Enjoy your day somewhere else and come back to see us the following week when you can park in front of our shop and walk right in.
By the way, I started a new blog featuring our house that is for sale here in Saluda. I am not going to do any posting about it on this site so if you want any information you can email me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I should be sleeping

Back home in Saluda after a week in Charlotte.... ahhhhhhhhh. I only slept for 18 hours after I got back into my own bed. Thanks to Joyce and Susan and Paul the store remained open while I did my grandmotherly duties while my daughter recuped from an emergency surgery. Dad arrived home from Shanghai with bags of candy and toys so everyone was happy and it was time for me to head back to Saluda. I forgot how busy it can be to be a full time mom with 2 growing boys.

When I walked in the store on Monday to look around I found the newest Cloth Paper Scissors magazine featuring 50+ pages of mixed media techniques, layered graffiti art, fabric collage journaling and a great feature by Chrysti Hydeck from Raleigh entitled " Get the skinny on Mixed-media Books". Chrysti hosted a recent "get your doodle on" ATC swap that I joined. She is an amazing, go getter, energy -filled, gal that never seems to stop. Now she is doing a Skinny Book swap. check it out on her blog.

Cheryl Prater's blog has a brand new look- LOVE IT!

A new book that I had been waiting for also arrived "Metal Clay" the complete guide. Innovative Techniques to inspire any artist. Looks like the best book available for those of you working with PMC.

Just got a message from our Golden Girl Patti Brady, who will be here on Sept 15 teaching us "everything" that she knows about Golden paints. Be sure to sign up now as space is limited and the other good thing is all you need to bring is paper cups and paper towels.( and maybe an apron if you are the messy type) She furnishes everything else that you will use and we cater the lunch. It doesn't get better than this..... Here is what she calls this workshop. . .
Seductive Surfaces with Acrylic
It will be a wild mix of cool product uses, transfers, skins with transfers, faux wax looks, glass bead gel, paper from acrylic fiber gel, crackle paste ideas…..and on and on it goes.…….it will be fun!!