Monday, July 30, 2007

Teeny Tiny Tid Bits

The news about our new t shirt has gotten out
but...I am going to let everyone in on part of the
design. This is only a small portion
of the entire design, but you can get an idea of
the colors, the feeling and the look of it!
We love all of it and we have graphic designer
and artist from Asheville, Annie Christ, to thank
for her creative choices in color, design and
composition. She really knew how to bring
the feeling of our shop into the design. She has
been a customer of ours for years and that
certainly helped when it came to the design
part of it. Annie knows our shop quite well
& has been here with us as we evolved over time.
All of us here are so excited to see the finished
product; which should be in the next couple
of weeks. During this process, Joyce came up
with the idea of an apron, soon you will be
able to identify who works here and who doesn't
because we will all be wearing aprons, except Paul.
He's the guy, so you will know who he is.
Jen added her input on the design and so did
Susan and she says, "it takes a village".
With our team in place, it can only
get better.Keep us bookmarked so you can see
more clues to a finished product and a release
date as well. Hey, lets have a party, too.


  1. Jane, if the rest of the shirt looks as good as the peek, it'll be absolutely lovely. I love the idea of an apron, too!


  2. Susan H10:02 PM

    Wow, Jane, looks interesting! Hope I'm invited to the party!!

  3. Michelle C11:12 AM

    oh, I can't wait to see the t-shirts (and aprons).. we'll be able to order the t-shirts from florida right? LOL

    by the your note on my fabric box! thanks so much.. love that wish too! hehehehe