Sunday, July 22, 2007

Authors, artists and writers, oh my!

Childrens book author, Steve Tiller from Atlanta, Georgia visited Random Arts in Saluda on Saturday. What a joy to meet him and his daughter. Some of you may be familiar with his books and now, I am too. It is so much fun to meet so many talented and creative people who come through our doors on a daily basis. One of the questions I asked Steve was if he had a website? Do you have a blog? Hmmmm! A writer without a blog, so I encouraged him to do it an assured him that it was so simple, that he had no reason not to. But you know how that goes with deadlines, book signings and day to day life seems to interfere with our most creative urgings. He came in looking for a way to letter on a wooden frame and "everyone" was telling him that it "couldn't be done". My reaction was anything could be done so lets start with this idea and we chose rubber stamps and acrylic paint. We chatter, he left and returned shortly with a gift.
"Tangle Fairies" one of his childrens' books that he had written. He told me about his illustrator who does computer art for all his books. Very interesting and very talented, I must say. HOW does he do those pictures?
We will be waiting to hear from Steve regarding the creation of his blog.
Speaking of blogs, Apex artist, Susan Hecht also visited us on Saturday and we discussed the benefits of blogging and just how easy it is to get one started. She sells her paintings in galleries in Greensboro, Apex, Sullivans Island and other places. Check out her website for more info.
The " RANDOMLY ALTERED DIVAS" have a blog too and I will be adding pictures of past and present adventures of our group as time goes on. Click to see some of what we do.


  1. Randomly Altered Divas: I love it!



  2. susan hecht9:18 PM

    Hi Jane!
    I so enjoyed you... and your store when I popped in on Saturday! I think your store is so inspiring! Also, thanks for taking the time to speak with me about the blog and for posting me on yours. Now... if this comment comes through then I think I have figured it out! Wish me luck and thanks for an inspriring visit!
    Susan Hecht

  3. susan hecht9:18 PM

    It worked!! :0)