Friday, July 20, 2007

The "nature of my heart" book

It's here ! Kristi Steiner dropped off the "nature of my heart" project for the "Believe in Yourself" retreat coming up in Blowing Rock in September. My words cannot express the beauty, the detail, the color and the energy of this book. Susan Edmonson and Kristi have created a masterpiece here by using the "nature" theme and carrying it through with the robins egg blue colors, the painting with threads, the water color techniques on fabric, the little hand stitches that make me want to put needle to hand to fabric and do exactly what they have done.
We feel so honored that Kristi allowed us to "hold" onto their precious sample until the retreat. Anyone who wants to stop by and see it in person is more than welcome and if you were in the least bit considering joining us in Blowing Rock Sept 5, 6 and 7th - seeing this may help make that decision a reality.
My pictures do not show the true beauty of the colors, the dynamics of the creativity that went into this project or the detail of each and every fragment of it's every page. Wow! Do I love it or what? You just need to see it to understand what I mean. Please try and stop by.

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  1. Kerry McCarville8:42 PM

    I stopped by the shop and saw the sample on Saturday. My brain about exploded looking at it, it is so beautiful! I am signed up for the workshop but if I hadn't been I would be now. Can't wait for September in Blowing Rock!!!!