Thursday, July 12, 2007

Transmorphing gourds into purses

It's everywhere, it's everywhere and I am surrounded by all of you, beautiful artists who continually show me and bring to me all that you create. Denise Henderson creates with gourds, among other things, but her passion is gourds. She is a regular at the gourd gatherings in Cherokee, NC where she takes classes, donates her work for auction and sells what she has created. Here on the upper right, Denise is showing her most recent work of art; a gourd purse with a dragonfly that the mysteriously etches somehow into the gourd... Each piece that she creates is meticulously perfect, each delicate line, the colors and the form and function. On the lower right, Sharyn Stressing shows off a gourd purse that she purchased from Denise. Her request was for the scribed tree with 3 eggs, so Denise took her artistic liberties and came up with this design. The robins egg blue paired with the rich sienna are a perfect match and just what Sharyn had in mind.

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  1. hi's tony and lisa...your blog looks great...don't know if you've read our blog as of late but we have lot's of news...we are moving back to N.C....anyway we'll talk soon...and we will visit soon also...