Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beautiful ribbons

Crinkled silks, velvets, chenille and more.

Pewter, Robins Egg Blue, Toast, Cameo
Pearl, Old Rose, Robins Egg Blue

Rusty Bucket, Oceans Sky, Pearlized Pinks,

Turquoise, Misty Gray, Ivory, Chocolate

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love to carve!

See the block?

See the tool?

See the journal?

See the image that I just made all by myself?


These were so much to create. A little pencil mark here
and a little line here and then

It is so easy with the master carve blocks
and the speedball carving tools.
Some of you are signed up to take this
mini 1 hour workshop with me
at Inspired Artist in Concord, NC
in May.

You will be amazed at your artistic ability
and the ease in which you can "really and truly"
create your very own carved stamp.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

White Washing

Who said you couldn't hang the sheets
out to dry in the snow?
The sun is shining, the temperature
is 40, why not?
Out by 10 in by 5
That's the adage from
the old dry cleaner days.
Maybe that still exists in some other
world that I am not familiar with anymore.
Could that be the "olden days"?

Nonetheless, the sheets were dry & fresh & crisp
when I got home today and it was
a sensory pleasure to place
them on the bed. ooooooh aahhhhhhhh love it!

Monday, March 02, 2009

In like a LION!

This "snap" was taken this morning on our property here in Saluda where the snow measured in at 12". As the sun came up, we were greeted with azure blue skies, and the grounds, trees & buildings became a beautiful winter wonderland.
• • •
The Diva Retreat at Snails Pace here in Saluda ended just as the first huge flakes began to fall on Sunday at 11:30. Could we have stayed longer? Of course, but a safe drive back to Charlotte, Fort Mill and Columbia became a priority for our divas.
When all was said
and done our weekend was filled with
energized inspiration and creativity
from all 12 members of our "diva" group.