Tuesday, March 23, 2010

we're OPEN

You're invited to our new studio
 this coming Thursday and Friday.
The gate will be "unlocked" and the
door will be open from 11-4.

One of the many new things you will find
here is the newest  book by Lynne Perrella
"Art Making - Obsessions & Collections"
Each page pops with colorful inspiration
showcasing the collections of 35 artists.
A lot of ooooohs and ahhhhhs will
be heard as this book gets into your hands.

Need directions?
Call or email

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dusty Diablos is here!

Stop by next Thursday, March 25th or Friday, March 25th and pick up your books at the new studio.
From 11 am till 4pm,Jen & I will be here to greet you, show you around and maybe even"play" a little.
We've have been working away to get our space ready to invite you in for
a little sneak peek & we are so excited about sharing this with all of you.
FYI - our phone number is no longer in use, so email is the only way right
now to get in touch with us.

Don't know where we are? Email me for directions.

Michael DeMeng's newest book is now here and we will discount his new book 10%
to all of you who come visit on Thursday or Friday next week.

The back cover of his book says it all...

Bring your artistic yearnings and sense of adventure along a journey to the land of Dusty Diablos.
Inspiration seeps from every page, and inside here you'll find:
a tasty mix of ancient folklore(from the ancient metropolis of Teotihuacan to the miracle witnessed by Juan Diego);
• mixing up Michael's favorite paint washes to achieve "rusty" results
• Crafting your own slithering serpent
• Creating miniature story boxes
• Aging bottle caps with beer and so much more!

While you're here, there is still time to register for Michael DeMeng workshop on May 29th & 30th. As a participant in the workshop, you will be invited to join us for a book signing event in our brand new, outdoor courtyard complete with twinkling lights and festive libations.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 - 2 TWO GREAT BOOKS with FREE Shipping

Check this out! 
Traci Bunker's  new  book covers every single stamping possibility under the sun!
Who says you have to 
use a "pre made" rubber stamp
to get great results?
How about using foam packing material?
Cardboard?  Pedicure toe spacers?
It is so amazing!
I'm totally excited about her new book
and all the techniques! 
I need to go and try them right now! 

 This is new book by Jason Thompson really rocks!!!
Each page, each technique take  recycling
to another level.
Try making an art book
from  tearing the pages out of 
an unused book.
Pages  that can be folded,
torn, rolled and re-used
into simple art structures.

Email me for order & free shipping

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Recently, I came across these pics of a beautiful cuff created by Heather. We met Heather at the Inspired Artist retreat in Concord, NC last year and she immediately bought the cuff ribbon and began her journey into these amazing works of art.

When she cut the cuff ribbon to short she went into action and decided that she could do a "loop de loop" and make it even more interesting. Good for you Heather!!!

I love the way her bracelet matches the beads that she is wearing. It really makes a statement.

Hopefully she will be back again this year and we can see what other new projects she has been
working on.

This event is so much fun and it is such high energy.
It's hard to believe that all that positive, creative energy fills that entire Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center and we all soak it all up. It's a crazy fun thing and a
fabulous weekend for all of us.

Even if you are not registered as an attendee you can come to Concord and share some of the fun by shopping with all the vendors and maybe even peeking into a classroom or two.
It's worth the trip!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Golden Glass Bead Gel & more

Not sure how this all got started but
several pieces of this project ended up in the same place on one of my workbenches at the studio. Add a little of this, a little of that and you have a little work of art.

Initially, the center piece was something that I did last month as a sample of the Golden Glass Bead Gel for one of the shows that we did. I used one of the newest adhesives from Cavallini. The Glass Bead Gel created a lustrous finish on that focal flower and then I added an inkjet transfer "c r e a t e" and sewed all of it together on another piece of fabric. Glue it all to a piece of cardboard, add a body, leg and ..... more to come. This is the beginning of something, but not sure what, at this point.