Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 - 2 TWO GREAT BOOKS with FREE Shipping

Check this out! 
Traci Bunker's  new  book covers every single stamping possibility under the sun!
Who says you have to 
use a "pre made" rubber stamp
to get great results?
How about using foam packing material?
Cardboard?  Pedicure toe spacers?
It is so amazing!
I'm totally excited about her new book
and all the techniques! 
I need to go and try them right now! 

 This is new book by Jason Thompson really rocks!!!
Each page, each technique take  recycling
to another level.
Try making an art book
from  tearing the pages out of 
an unused book.
Pages  that can be folded,
torn, rolled and re-used
into simple art structures.

Email me for order & free shipping

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