Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Golden Glass Bead Gel & more

Not sure how this all got started but
several pieces of this project ended up in the same place on one of my workbenches at the studio. Add a little of this, a little of that and you have a little work of art.

Initially, the center piece was something that I did last month as a sample of the Golden Glass Bead Gel for one of the shows that we did. I used one of the newest adhesives from Cavallini. The Glass Bead Gel created a lustrous finish on that focal flower and then I added an inkjet transfer "c r e a t e" and sewed all of it together on another piece of fabric. Glue it all to a piece of cardboard, add a body, leg and ..... more to come. This is the beginning of something, but not sure what, at this point.


  1. 想跟你說一聲加油,祝福大家每天開心........................................

  2. wowee zowee!! Love to see your creativity in motion - what an inspiration!
    see you soon!

  3. Hello Jane,

    I found you via the book Altered Art by Terry Taylor and some searching. I know this is a super ultra long shot, but I am doing an altered art book and asking for artists to send me a page and then donating the book. You can find out all the details here:
    If you would possibly be so kind as to consider joining in I would be so thrilled.

    Fingers Crossed!