Monday, March 26, 2012

No end to the "free form" journaling

I am still not afraid to do whatever
I want when it comes to creating journal pages.
It seems to be the one area of my life that I can
excel at whether it's good, bad or... ugly.
It still feels good!
A journal page may never be done. Sometimes
it is done for ... now but now takes me to another
day when I see that the page might need something else.
For now, this page above is done.
I was inspired to do this face after taking a Katie
Kendrick class here a few years ago. She showed me
how to draw/paint on phone book pages, so that's
how this started. Even though it's hanging up
I could make this a journal page... sometime, or not.
A transfer gone bad in my journal will become something
else at another time. I really liked that photo
of the madonna or something like that, and just added
too much water to it. Darn... but like I said. I will
become something else later.

This one started with a face from a magazine page
and then I transformed into this. You can bet
that the magazine page did not look like this
when I started. A little sanding, a little gesso,
a little paint; a whole lot of paint
and that big dose of imagination!

This journal page started with a blue background
done with acrylic paint by Golden. After it dried
I added Titan Buff in the center area, and when it
was wet, I etched into it with the eraser on the end
of a pencil... one day at a time.
The blue shows through.
That wasn't enough for me so I had to continue
with the black lines around the border and then
added my "words of inspiration and affirmation" in
the little spaces.
Who says words have to be in a sentence anyway?