Saturday, April 24, 2010

Artiscape 2010

 It was non stop for us as over 300 
creative participants descended our
booth for our most unusual goods.

This pic shows a "slow" time at our booth,
  but the
rest of  the time it was out of control busy!!!!

Yeay for us! We loved every moment of 
this weekend with Lisa Ohmer and her
amazing staff who must adore her
and her great family.

Before the Marketplace opened we had a chance to take in a little bit of what Columbus offered. Such as food... First stop, North Market

The market can be thought of as a concept somewhere between a shopping mall and a supermarket. Its retail space is leased out to independent merchants and artisans who operate within the market.

The current 36 merchants are a mixture of delis, bakeries, pastry shops, ethnic food restaurants, specialty goods stores, and produce stands. One million shoppers visit the North Market every year, and many regular customers develop personal relationships with the owners and operators of the market’s businesses.

Next stop....
Katzinger's Deli in German Village

Sandwiches piled up with your favorite things
such as scrumptious cheeses, tasty homemade sauces,
sliced roasted turkey all sanwiched between
dark rye bread.
Making you hungry?
Columbus sure has it all when it comes to food,
art, education, and a friendly atmosphere.
With all that going for it, why does have to be so cold in the winter?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Divas Meet Again

Every winter our very special "Diva" group
meets in Saluda for a 3 day weekend retreat.
We all gather together at Snails Pace Retreat
in Saluda for our time together to
satisfy our creative musings.
Some of what we do
includes sharing our own
experiences in our creative journey.
Each of us take turns showing
a favorite technique or idea and then
we .... run with it.

One of the things that I taught
to the group was the creation of
a collage made with torn papers.

These are 5 of the birds that were done
that weekend but after 4 weeks, I cannot
remember who? did what?
Any help from the "Divas"?

We started with a blank substrate
and drew the outline of a bird
and began to get messy with our
Golden Matte Medium and magazine pages.

This one happens to be mine and the more
I do this, the more I love it and more I realize
that it will look different every time I do
depending on what colors or pages I choose
to use in my piece.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Artiscape 2010

Let's hope that we will see pleasant spring weather for Artiscape
in Columbus, Ohio and that wintry snow that we experienced this
past winter will not follow us there. After all, it is mid April and here
in North Carolina it could not be more beautiful. Red Bud trees are in
full bloom as is the Forsythia (or yellow bells as they call them here),
tulips, flowering quince, phlox, azaleas, dogwood trees and much, much

Louise and I are looking forward to our adventure together
during this 8 hour road trip including a detour
around the rock slide on I-40 in NC
at the TN border.
From what I hear its about a 1 hour detour
to head up to 81 and then back to 40.
I like to go up that way so I can stop in Lexington, KY
and get lunch at Chipotle at Man-o-War Blvd.
It's a great 1/2 way point to Columbus
and it will hold us over until we get there.... maybe.
Unless of course, we need an afternoon Starbucks
somewhere along the way.
Anyway you look at it, taking a road trip with
Louise is always a blast...
Maybe I should change my name to "Thelma".