Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The wackiness of deMeng weekend

The crowd gathers as Michael does his "magic"

Phyllis Peterson's Pretty Vial Thing takes shape

Mary Powers adds the USZHHH!!! to her dreamkeeper

Vicki's Pretty Little Vial is taking shape

It's a scary world that I entered that day.
So not like my flowers and birds and bows and ribbons . . .
Hopefully this phase will pass - soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Michael deMeng Weekend

Pretty Vial Things Project gets going with David Turner

Meg and Michael "ham" it up

Michael demonstrates cutting the bottle in a container of water

Rigel listens to Michael as he "critiques" her Dr. XRay Portrait

Michael deMeng in Saluda - a few pics

Kate O'Connor starts her project

Flavia Wood chose the Day of the Dead for her Dreamkeeper
Betty Marsen used the D Ring tape to create a "corset" on her Dreamkeeper

Betty Marsen starts with a vintage copper tube and a sculpted head

Another view of Betty's dreamkeeper