Saturday, June 18, 2011

From San Diego to Saluda

Did you all see Jane LaFazio's blog about Saluda?

Check it out and see all the fabulous things
that she saw
in our quaint little mountain town.

Not only did she come back to teach but she suggested that
her best friend, Helen Shafer Garcia come to teach here too!
And she will be here on July 6th for a full day workshop
and we still have 2 spaces available.
Check out her website and see just how fortunate we
are to have her come to Random Arts.

A full day of instructions includes lots of supplies and
a catered lunch from the Purple Onion Cafe in Saluda,
all for just $125.

This past week we had Louise McClure teaching
an Architectural Bracelet

to a group of 8
I taught the Elements of Aging to a group of 8 as well
on Friday.

Whewww... where did the week go?
Not to mention the continuous time spent
on the renovation of the new Random Arts Studio and Retail Store.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Who is Helen Shafer Garcia?

Helen contacted us in February, telling us that she was
a friend of Jane LaFazio's, and would love to come and
teach a workshop, at Random Arts this summer...

Batik Tree of Life
Batik Tree of Life Class Description
Reach into the sky and create connections between branches and earth while creating universal Tree of life themed mixed media paintings on Masa paper and canvas. A special batik technique with Masa rice paper will create wonderful textures and crevices for the paint to flow into. Draw and paint elements and symbolic icons of a tree of life, including birds, flowers and other great, joyful creatures with bold watercolor dropped -in color techniques. You’ll play with colored pencils, ink lines and collage elements to further embellish your paintings. Discover how beautiful and bright watercolors can be with this special process. The watercolor paintings will be sealed with an acrylic varnish to protect the surface. Borders and embellishments will be added with acrylics.

As usual, in my life, one thing leads to another
and life gets busy and her request was sent to
the "back burner".

Now with summer upon us and a Jane LaFazio workshop
behind us, we have learned lots more about Helen Shafer Garcia
and now we are more than eager and excited about her
expected teaching engagement
at Random Arts on July 6th.

First of all, she is one of the 4 artists who coordinated
a fabulous art event week in San Miguel Allende, Colonial Mexico
this past April. Along with Helen was Jane LaFazio, Laurie Mika
and Lynn Leahy.
(Helen is third from the left)
Helen’s work is an emotionally drawn encounter with paint, color and texture that invokes the spirit for a intriguing visual journey.

Some of her work involves the process of transference- subtraction
and addition of paint and found objects.
She’s currently working with watercolor, pastel and
mixed media creating contemporary images
on paper along with a series of Icon folklore triptychs
with wood, water-media and
found object construction.

To Register for this unique opportunity to learn
from this multi-talented artist please
contact us by email. Space is limited to 12.
Cost $125. includes a catered lunch from Purple Onion
and a full day instruction.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jane LaFazio Weekend in Saluda

Donna Williamson works out the
color scheme on her Recycled Circle Project
at her workshops here at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.

Harmonious colors and contrast work out well
on this Recycled Circle Project

Jane LaFazio used this awesome Daisy for inspiration
for her sketch and water color sample.
It was a great class!

Jane LaFazio critiques the sketches
at the end of the class. .. (she likes our work)

This lovely lily sketch inspired all of us.
Thanks Jane LaFazio for a fabulously, creative weekend.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hot Dyes to Cool Books

Last weekend at Random Arts
Chad Alice Hagen and a group of artistic
souls seeking out new ways to be creative.

Each of us started with merino wool sheets
and began the process of felting.
Chad kept us on a very tight schedule
for our two bustling days of fun.

Chad critiqued our felted pieces and with the
"oohs and ahhs" coming from the group,
we all became "pros" at the influence
of the "dye-master".

On day 2 we learned how to use our felt pieces
to create a long stitch book complete with
stitching, closures and signatures.
Big thanks to Chad and all her expertise
and years of experience.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Finished projects deMeng in Saluda

It's been 2 weeks since the Michael deMeng weekend workshop
extravaganza here at the studio in Saluda
but it's not something that we will forget anytime soon.
I have seen several finished projects although there are
some of you out there who still need to send a photo
or two of how you finished your piece so
I can post it here on my blog.
This one above was completed with a
Day of the Dead theme by Flavia Wood.

Christy Hawkins of Jax, FL sent some photos
of her finished Dr. Xray and Pretty Vial Thing

Christy was able to create 2 "pretty vials"
in Michael's workshop.... Love the "eye" on the right.

Christy's project began as a
bottle which then became a "pretty vial thing"

Christy Hawkins created her interpretation
of the Dr. Xray Portriat
Below is Carol Deguire's Dream Keeper project
and it actually has a door that
opens that holds memorabilia and photos
personal to her family history.