Friday, June 03, 2011

Finished projects deMeng in Saluda

It's been 2 weeks since the Michael deMeng weekend workshop
extravaganza here at the studio in Saluda
but it's not something that we will forget anytime soon.
I have seen several finished projects although there are
some of you out there who still need to send a photo
or two of how you finished your piece so
I can post it here on my blog.
This one above was completed with a
Day of the Dead theme by Flavia Wood.

Christy Hawkins of Jax, FL sent some photos
of her finished Dr. Xray and Pretty Vial Thing

Christy was able to create 2 "pretty vials"
in Michael's workshop.... Love the "eye" on the right.

Christy's project began as a
bottle which then became a "pretty vial thing"

Christy Hawkins created her interpretation
of the Dr. Xray Portriat
Below is Carol Deguire's Dream Keeper project
and it actually has a door that
opens that holds memorabilia and photos
personal to her family history.

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