Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's the DAY!!!

Everyone is talking about it and now I wonder if I have enough books in stock to sell
today at Patti Digh's reading here at the shop.

If you are anywhere within 50 miles of Saluda
you need to stop by and meet Patti Digh.
What a perfect crisp, sunny day to
hear the voice of






Friday, January 30, 2009

Fly away inspiration

Each and every page takes on a special
"tweet" for me as I am the one
who gets to open the mysterious envelopes when they arrive.
I get the first peek to see how
each participant has interpreted the choice
of elements...
1 bird + 1 heart = 1 fabulous journal page!

Kristi Steiner chose to "work outside the box"
and create her page in the shape of a house.
Her copper bird has been given the patina look
with verdigris and her shabby chic
distressed background is a perfect match.
It's so "Kristi"!
Kristi is from Columbia, SC and is one of our instructors.

Page 2 from Kristi Steiner

Liz Derby

Liz Derby brought Edgar Allen Poe
into her Raven journal page.
You can get a close up view
by clicking on her page for details.
Liz is from Charlotte, NC and
she participated in our last journal
challenge that was auctioned at
the senior center here in Saluda.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More inspiration from Tweetie Pies

It is such a joy every day to open my mail box and find another surprise journal page.

You have to click on Linda Knight's page
to see the "inside" humor of this "mama crow".
Linda is from Charlotte, NC

Emily Pruitt's colors definitely evoke
thoughts of spring.... oh dear, could it be
that close? one could only hope.
Emily is from Greenwood, SC

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Martine House Workshop

We've expanded our workshop space
to accommodate additional participants!!!

So, come in and
"Play With Textures"
Martine House
Sat. Feb 14th

Create textures with different materials such as silk paper,
Solvey, Fibers,Tyvek, needle-felted wool, distressed stabilizers
and embellish them with stitches, paints, beads, foils, cords, etc.
The small pieces you will produce can be used to make note cards,
add to altered books, altered arts, assemblage, art quilts or decorate journals.
All skill levels are welcome.

Some supplies are required including a sewing machine
Cost $60.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet Tweet reminder

Need another bit of inspiration for completing your Sweet Tweet
Journal challenge page?
This page was sent in by
Alice Houser of Spruce Pine, NC.
Looks like she used the original envelope in which
her challenge pieces were sent.
That's what I call re-use, re-cycle & re-purpose.
thanks Alice,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Tweet reminder

Tweeeeeet Tweeeeeeeeet Tweeeeeeet
Like it?

Yes, I am putting a little "tweet" in your ear to remind you that your journal
page is due on Feb 14th. Quite a few of you have already responded and sent
in your pages but there are those that have not.... Not to worry, you have time
and we have time but sometimes we all need a little nudge. tee hee. (me included)
As a little "tweet", I am sharing one of our entries from Lea Nickless.

Lea lives in Miami and frequents her little cabin in the mountains here in Saluda and creates
out of her studio here as well. She has such a light hearted, easy going artistic
spirit and it is always a joy to be around her. Her journal page definitely reflects
the clarity of her colors in which she works.
Remember to sign your page and include your blog or facebook so we can all
be connected.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preparing for Patti Digh

Come in, come in, come in and visit us at Random Arts....
Take the full tour of all that we offer. Take a creative workshop, play for a day,
learn a new technique,
soak up the creative juices,
hear inspiring words from
highly creative instructors & authors
listen. . . . . .

Monday, January 19, 2009


I am feeling a little red faced after my dear friend Denise told me that
I had the incorrect link to Arts for Life. You can click here for the correct
link for this worthy non profit organization. My apologies to
everyone involved and for inserting the wrong link. Gosh, if it's not
one thing it's another.

Smile! You're on face book!

Yes, do it! Be a facebook friend
with ME.
How artistic can you get?
Each day you can be someone else, or crazier than the last day.
How about it?
wanna join?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flower Power


You bet, just ask Doni Jordan what power she
has when she uses her "hippie" sewing machine
to create art.

See those original hippie flowers
painted on her sewing machine?

After laughing hysterically about the kind of sewing machines that we used for this class, our theme became " we don't need no stinkin' Bernina". No offense Bernina, we love you but our type of sewing was far less complicated than anyone who uses a Bernina could ever imagine.

Janette Grassi chose a neutral color palette
of heavy weight fabrics for a "one of a kind"
woven book. We had such a great time with Janette
as she tried & tried to make that ancient sewing machine work.
I think it needs oil. Funny how that makes all the difference.
Here is Janette's finished cover. Isn't it wonderful?

Mary Reeves thought that her old singer wouldn't do
the job but the "old Singer gal" did just fine. Mary
persevered and decided that she enjoyed making
this book so much that she wanted to make more
but not before she had her machine serviced for
additional "active duty".

Now, Doni Jordan, she's quite a seamstress when
it comes to papers, scrap fabrics and creating works of art.
Her sewing machine was a graduation present from high school
and it even has yellow and orange flowers on it. Yes! It was
made that way. How cool is that?

Jean used my little Kenmore $75. portable machine
that I can carry anywhere. She started off a little timid
but after I told her it was like riding a bike, she carried on
and finished quite a nice book cover.

Betsy Libbey used her refurbished "feather weight"
to sew her book cover together. Adorning the cover
with an Extravorganza photo transfer of herself
at 3 yrs old.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year ! New Winner! New Challenge!

We have a winner......for following my blog

And the lucky winner from the month of December is...
Alicia Griswold from Atlanta.

Not only is she a follower from a far off place (?), she has come to shop with us
and blogged about that experience. Thanks so much Alicia, for following and
being a part of our mixed up, mixed media, randomly altered artists. Be sure
to check out Alicia's blog, "Sending pages out to dry".

A surprise package will be heading off to Alicia shortly...

NEW Collaborative Journal Page begins now.... How about this theme "Sweet Tweets"
and our completed book filled with pages will be auctioned off on my eBay site.
Everyone gets a chance to bid on the book and the proceeds will be donated to
another good cause, to be announced later. Here's a clue... it involves the "arts".

Size 5.5" x 7"
Leave a .5" blank space along the left side for binding
Vertical please, 5.5" side to side
7 inches top to bottom
Feeling artsy? do both sides or not -it's up to you.
You can journal, draw, paste, paint, stamp, sew, rust
alter, wax, doodle, etc etc etc. Remember my rule from
the very beginning? There are no rules. (well maybe a few)
Please sign your page and maybe include your email if you want "praise".
Deadline Feb 14th, 2009

I will be sending out a "sweet tweet" to everyone interested in being
a part of this.
Remember, request a packet ONLY if you plan to follow through with
sending in a journal page & I will need your mailing address.

Our last response was almost 95% which is unbelievable, so let's keep
up the great track record and follow through with your page.
It's only one (1) page and I cannot wait to send out my "sweet tweet" to you.

Each Friday during January and February we will be offering
an all day, first come first serve, (by reservation only) limited to 6,
"finish a project play day".Contact me by email to reserve your space.