Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year ! New Winner! New Challenge!

We have a winner......for following my blog

And the lucky winner from the month of December is...
Alicia Griswold from Atlanta.

Not only is she a follower from a far off place (?), she has come to shop with us
and blogged about that experience. Thanks so much Alicia, for following and
being a part of our mixed up, mixed media, randomly altered artists. Be sure
to check out Alicia's blog, "Sending pages out to dry".

A surprise package will be heading off to Alicia shortly...

NEW Collaborative Journal Page begins now.... How about this theme "Sweet Tweets"
and our completed book filled with pages will be auctioned off on my eBay site.
Everyone gets a chance to bid on the book and the proceeds will be donated to
another good cause, to be announced later. Here's a clue... it involves the "arts".

Size 5.5" x 7"
Leave a .5" blank space along the left side for binding
Vertical please, 5.5" side to side
7 inches top to bottom
Feeling artsy? do both sides or not -it's up to you.
You can journal, draw, paste, paint, stamp, sew, rust
alter, wax, doodle, etc etc etc. Remember my rule from
the very beginning? There are no rules. (well maybe a few)
Please sign your page and maybe include your email if you want "praise".
Deadline Feb 14th, 2009

I will be sending out a "sweet tweet" to everyone interested in being
a part of this.
Remember, request a packet ONLY if you plan to follow through with
sending in a journal page & I will need your mailing address.

Our last response was almost 95% which is unbelievable, so let's keep
up the great track record and follow through with your page.
It's only one (1) page and I cannot wait to send out my "sweet tweet" to you.

Each Friday during January and February we will be offering
an all day, first come first serve, (by reservation only) limited to 6,
"finish a project play day".Contact me by email to reserve your space.


  1. I would love to participate in this project again! I emailed you my address. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for choosing me and my blog! I never win anything. Can't wait to get the package. Real mail is so exciting. I'd also love to participate in new book (especially after seeing the wonderfully tactile final product of last challenge). Will send proper email.

  3. Deborah P5:58 PM

    I've already sent you my e-mail acceptance! Can't wait to see what everyone does this time. Last time was wonderful to see everyone's interpretations.

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I have a question about the challenge...The two pieces that were sent to be (one inside the other)...the total size is 5" x 7.125; a little over 7" and is a horizontal format. That is what is confusing me. Could you explain just a little more because if you use both pieces, then the size will be larger than 7". Looking forward to a little more info. Thanks, Judy My email address is