Friday, November 18, 2011

Altered Fashionista take center stage

I think it must have been about a year ago that we did this
workshop at Random Arts
and I have finally added it to the calendar for tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 19th
All it takes is a few magazines, some paint and a sewing machine.

The thing that I like best about it is that
is a NO - STRESS workshop where
anything goes!

There are so many variations in this
class. You can use watercolors, or
acrylics, pan pastels, colored pencils
or water color crayons.
No one is judging... It's just a fun way to spend
a couple of hours de-stressing from the workaday world.

Everyone had such a different take on this project
from what paint they chose, to the color of the thread
to the design they used on the sewing machine.

Monday, November 07, 2011

What's in store

There were times when I wondered if I had
enough product in the store, was it the right
mix and if it was enough to please even
the most discerning artist...
Vintage items seemed to appear out of nowhere
and the boxes packed with goods became
extraordinarily empty. I thought
that would never happen considering
the amount of boxes that were hauled
to the New Random Arts.

The shelves seemed bare but all of a sudden
there was an over abundance of really good
"stuff" in the shop.
Michael deMeng's recommended does of Kroma Crackle
led the way...
Mix a little with your Golden Acrylics
and spread it on the surface. Let dry to see the crackle form.

Then came the Alchemic Rusting powder found
in these cobalt blue jars. Wow....
Just sprinkle it over a little adhesive,
let dry, and spritz with vinegar. hmmmmm... Instant Rust!

Beautiful vintage lace almost 4 inches wide
found it's way to the library area of the shop
where we sit and brainstorm about our next

This shabby chic vintage style paper ribbon
2 inches wide that's wired. I can see it on
a holiday tree, floating among the soft branches.
ooooh. I love this item.