Sunday, May 31, 2009

NEW - Used items FOR SALE

Altered Art Piece anyone?

This is a vintage heavy duty
receiving board & has hundreds
of little holes drilled into it.
It's got a great thickness ratio of about
1-1/2 " with a smooth rubber backing.
Heavy, heavy, heavy which means
it's great for a table or a support piece.
Size is about 18 x 24 inches.
Price $20. does not include shipping.

Tombow Brush Marker Display
perfect condition/ good as new!!!!
Perfect for your well organized studio.
Holds 100's of brush markers
with separations for 144 colors.
plus black & grey tones.
about 30" tall
10" deep and 20" wide.
Your cost $50.
Does not include shipping.
New $175.

Ever wanted to try Print Gocco?
Simple printing using
the trademark Print Gocco process.
Everything you need to
begin the printing experience.

Now, here at Random Arts
for $225. for everything.
Does not include shipping

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Our seasonal workshop calendar begins
with our ever so popular Cross Structure Book on June 3rd.
We've been really busy doing shows outside the shop
and creating new products for this season.
Now that we have been able to take a breath and think a bit,
we have put 4 classes up on the calendar in June...
PLUS, as an extra added bonus
we have very special guest instructors here on June 13th -
Cheryl Prater and Debbi Crane.Cheryl on the left and Debbi on the right

Frequent CPS contributors and co-authors of Mixed Mania: Recipes for Delicious Mixed Media Creations,
Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prater will be here on June 13th.

Debbi will be leading a larger scale version of

the popular project she taught at MIU this year: a "Good Girl" fabric doll10 am till noon

(all materials are included for each class)
Cheryl will show you how to sculpt a Halloween Bat in the Box (or maybe yours might
turn out to be a frog in a pond) from polymer clay 1pm till 3pm

Whatever it is, it's sure to be a funfilled day with the mixed mania ladies!!!

. Original works by both artists will be available for purchase throughout the day.
Random Arts will also be hosting a book signing from 3pm to 5pm with wine & cheese.
$25/class or $45 for both.

Wed. June 3rd - Cross Structure Book $30 1-3:30
Wed. June 10th - Fast & Easy Stamp Carving 1-3 $15
Wed. June 17th - Photo Transfers for fabric & paper $20
Thurs. June 18th - Woven Book 10-3 $40

We supply all materials for the classes and all skill levels are invited
to participate. Class size is limited and registration is final when payment
for each class is received. We accept checks, credit cards, paypal & cash.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

check it out

Do ya like this new background?
go to this web site to get your own cute and cool background.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Michael DeMeng Workshop

This past weekend was filled with an insurmountable amount of creativity as Michael deMeng, assemblage artist from Missoula, Montana, took center stage here in Saluda. 23 anxious and excited participants gathered together for a 2 day workshop with him to create a "mad alchemist cabinet". It was a work in progress as each person delved into their souls to capture their innermost thoughts for creating their piece.
Students came from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina, including the beach & the mountains, and... everywhere in between. I hope that all, or most of those moments are captured in this slide show & those of you that were here will see your faces, your feet AND your work and those of you that could not be here, will be wishing they were. LOL
All in all ------ great fun in our brand new work space/studio.
Thanks to all who helped pull it together and thanks to all of you who joined us here for our 4th annual Michael deMeng workshop in Saluda.

So, from BBQ on Thursday night with Michael to the final critiques, it's all here in living color...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Traveling Journal Pages

Remember our Journal Challenge? Yes, we remember it too, and in order to stir up a little journal challenge excitement, we decided to take your submissions "on the road". All 3 boards traveled to Concord, NC and hung prominently in our booth for 3 days at Donna Downey's Inspired Artist retreat.
Each one was labeled with the names of the participants, identifying each work of art.
We were asked time and again if we were going to do that again... and the answer is YES!
This was so successful and gained so much attention nationwide that our plan to get these put into book form will take place within the next few weeks. With that comes the auction for Art for Life.
Be sure to stay posted on the auction dates so you can have your chance at bidding on this one of kind "traveling journal page" art book.