Sunday, May 31, 2009

NEW - Used items FOR SALE

Altered Art Piece anyone?

This is a vintage heavy duty
receiving board & has hundreds
of little holes drilled into it.
It's got a great thickness ratio of about
1-1/2 " with a smooth rubber backing.
Heavy, heavy, heavy which means
it's great for a table or a support piece.
Size is about 18 x 24 inches.
Price $20. does not include shipping.

Tombow Brush Marker Display
perfect condition/ good as new!!!!
Perfect for your well organized studio.
Holds 100's of brush markers
with separations for 144 colors.
plus black & grey tones.
about 30" tall
10" deep and 20" wide.
Your cost $50.
Does not include shipping.
New $175.

Ever wanted to try Print Gocco?
Simple printing using
the trademark Print Gocco process.
Everything you need to
begin the printing experience.

Now, here at Random Arts
for $225. for everything.
Does not include shipping

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