Saturday, May 23, 2009

Michael DeMeng Workshop

This past weekend was filled with an insurmountable amount of creativity as Michael deMeng, assemblage artist from Missoula, Montana, took center stage here in Saluda. 23 anxious and excited participants gathered together for a 2 day workshop with him to create a "mad alchemist cabinet". It was a work in progress as each person delved into their souls to capture their innermost thoughts for creating their piece.
Students came from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina, including the beach & the mountains, and... everywhere in between. I hope that all, or most of those moments are captured in this slide show & those of you that were here will see your faces, your feet AND your work and those of you that could not be here, will be wishing they were. LOL
All in all ------ great fun in our brand new work space/studio.
Thanks to all who helped pull it together and thanks to all of you who joined us here for our 4th annual Michael deMeng workshop in Saluda.

So, from BBQ on Thursday night with Michael to the final critiques, it's all here in living color...

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  1. Cindy Trobaugh5:41 AM

    That was a fun video, Jane. Cindy