Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Michael deMeng NECESSITY

Don't we all just love Kroma Crackle?
This product does such amazing things
and thanks to Michael deMeng we have learned
how to use it to the max!

These squishy tubes of "goo" produce some very
awesome crackly effects in varying degrees of
when used with Golden Acrylic Paints.
It's a "worth while" transformation that
you don't want to miss.

Michael will be here at Random Arts in May
sharing his skills, the "usze-al" way, in
2 fun filled workshops.


is a one day class on Friday, May 11th
and then for 2 whole days you can attend
"Patron Saint of Discarded Things"
Michael stops by once each year to teach
and has done so for the past 7 years,
(could be 8 if I remember correctly) so
this is a great opportunity to learn some
really cool paint techniques, fasten-ating
ideas for assemblage and lots more in
a stress free, encouraging & supportive workshop.

Oh yes, Kroma Crackle; You will definitely learn
to use this product in both workshops.
It's now available at our shop and we can mail it
to you, wherever you are.
Only $12.95 and FREE shipping to US 48 states.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Zendoodle on shoes? Oh yes!

This is the start of something big and we can thank artist,
Martine House for getting us started in Saluda.

I think that it all started when I was telling the

group that Linda Knight did a pair of
shoes and showed them to us (she was wearing them)
at our diva retreat here in Saluda last month.
Oooohs and ahhhhs from everyone and .... Martine said that
she would do a pair and show us.

Bottom line, we liked these shoes! The Zen Doodlers that we are,
are going to create a pair of painted zendoodles shoes!

How about a challenge Zen Doodlers?
Then a presentation/show of our shoes here at the shop?

Sounds like a great plan, so start thinking about it now.