Monday, August 27, 2007

Foxy encounters

Twice last week at totally different times
of the day and night I came across a red fox
scurrying across the road in Saluda. Although
I was driving slow when I saw this creature, I
wasn't able to take a picture but I found this
one from a National Geographic website.
This is the first time I had ever seen a fox of
any kind in the wild(if you call Saluda "wild").
It was daylight,around 6pm when the first one
startled me as I was driving down Ozone Dr.
on my way home from work. Then again around
10 pm a few days later in the same general area,
there it was again. I got a little curious
after that second siting decided to do a little
research. Here is some of what I found -
Overwhelmingly, cultural consensus on fox animal symbolism deals with
strategy, quick thinking, adaptability, cleverness, wisdom and cunning.
Visit this web site for more information on the red fox.

It keeps coming in!

Other than our new
t shirts that arrived last week,
the bird punch came in a close
second on our "must have" list
here at the store. If I could just
play with this for hours on end
I could probably come up with
tons more ideas and samples.
Imagine the possibilities. . .
Isn't it awesome?
The punch is quite detailed with
little leaves and the tiniest little
bird legs that you can imagine.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Long awaited Random Arts T Shirt

Just what you have been waiting for. . . the Random Arts T-Shirt is here! After much thought and design assistance, actually more than assistance, we are unveiling our "work of art".
Annie Christ from Asheville worked out the whole design for us using some of our ideas, thoughts & shapes as she went from a blank canvas to the finished product. We included a vintage bird wisping away with a silk ribbon in it's little beak, delicate branches with falling leaves and a distressed back ground of antique book pages worn with time. Saluda, NC is inscribed onto the ribbon and Random Arts sits proudly on a trapezoid shape in rustic earth tones of sepia, olive, and natural. Can you tell how happy we with the design? Get yours now before they're gone! Oh yes... "assorted goods for creative mindfulness" adds a finishing touch. Everyone will want to wear one!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Local Artist shows books

Be sure to check out Lea Nickless' work at her current showing in Coral Gables, FL. Lea is a part time resident of Saluda and has invited us to her opening reception. Unfortunately, I am not able to be there however I invited her to show her books sometime here at our shop. We are hoping to add a larger space in the near future which will include gallery space. Keep your fingers crossed and your positive energy coming our way so we can get our space sooooooon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Organic glass? You bet

While in Bozeman, Montana this past week, I visited the Emerson Center again, which happened to be right across the street from my daughter's apartment. The Emerson Center is an arts and cultural center which provides space for area artists to display their work, educate area residents and promote interest in the arts. In the Jessie Wilber Gallery were 2 artists showing their works, Barry Hood, glass artist and Dana Boussard.
Barry Hood is a glass artist who appreciates and works with nature in his glass pieces. Each piece is unique, organic and mystifying. I had to look close, beyond the expected to see how each carved line was created and only at the end of the exhibit did I see how it was really done.
Barry carves out the centers of a tree trunk to the size and shape that his project requires and pours hot liquid glass into it, charring the inside cavity and molding the glass to that form.
Even the mold becomes art. He adds copper wire to the glass, touches of copper and gold for luminescence and sculpted bronze as accents. Truly inspiring and I feel very fortunate to have been able to see his work in such an intimate setting. View his web site to see more photos of his work. You will love it! On the other hand, Dana Boussard combines fabric, felts and fibers to her paintings and drawing which upon a closer look reveals the intricacy of her piece. Her work is shown nationally and her web site reveals
much more than what was hung at the gallery.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Are you inspired yet?

Yellowstone in the summer ----
The following photos are actual photographs
and have NOT been altered

in any way, shape or form.

There have been numerous wildfires in the area this
past week resulting the closing of
the Cody, Wyoming entrance to Yellowstone.
Fortunately for us, we entered through the west
entrance via Eastern Idaho and Western Montana and experienced clear skys and no threats
to us.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

They meet in Saluda. . . to visit us!

Both girls, 2 separate basket of goodies, all different items, friends, family and both crazy about our shop and the same final total at the cash register? How did that happen? No mentioning of the totals here but just take a look at their packages! Their hands are full and that's after spending the "entire" day here on Saturday. "Why not", they say. Both girls meet in the middle (the mountains of North Carolina and spend time at Lake Lure at a time share and they have followed us ( or should we say we have
followed them) around the country. Christi from Jacksonville, FL
and Jean from Tennessee.
We have met up with them at Creative Palette in St. Marys, GA
and again at Art and Soul in Hampton, VA. Now here they are in
Saluda. After a couple of hours of shopping, I sent them off to get
some lunch ( because you can't shop on an empty stomach) right?
Back they came for the afternoon and while they were browsing
around I created 2 Artist Trading Cards and gave one to each of
them. Then I sent them to our classroom area to make one for
me. Happily they returned with a card for me to add to my
collection. If only I wasn't so busy, I would have loved to join
them in their creative mis-adventures. Duty calls as I happily
continue to serve customers in the store. boo hoo.
Everyone is happy as they head out the door at 5 o'clock.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Saluda to Raleigh

Go to Wimi's blog to see the "rest of the story".
In the August 7th blog in the
Raleigh News Observer, Marcy tells
the "world" about us... Random Arts.
Check it out and see what the
folks from the "Capitol City"
have to say...

Business as usual?

In lieu of my lack of creative activities and my attention to the retail side of this business I have had the opportunity to meet some very cool people from all over the world. On Saturday it was a couple from Spain. They loved the store but since I was so so busy I didn't get a chance to take any photos of them.
Today, a friend and customer from Charlotte, Suzi Hunt, brought in Karen from Livingston, Montana. While she was here we got to chat about the area where she and my daughter both live. She is a rock collector so she frequents the running rivers there such as theYellowstone and Gallatin where she has found agate and other gems.
That might be something that I might try when I go out there next week and she said August is good time because the rivers are low and you can wade out onto the islands and search for special finds. Maybe you will see me doing that next week when I report in from Bozeman.
A young, blossoming artist from West Palm Beach was in today
loading her basket with goodies to make a memory book of her trip to North Carolina. We chose Stargazers and a water brush for color on the blank pages and a black Aquarelle pencil for outlining and
a couple packets of our very special Random Arts papers. Of course
she needed Golden Soft Gel Matte Medium to hold it all together.
As Jackie left the shop her father snapped a picture of the 2 of us, with his disposable camera and I snapped one of her. With alot of coaxing,
she promised to send a photo of her pages of "North Carolina". We'll see how that goes, you know how those teenagers are!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The "Royal Mail" has arrived! What is inside this package
so simple, so demure, so plain? Just waiting for
me to "zip" it open. A surprise? No, it is just what I
wanted and I have Cheryl Prater to thank for
turning me on to this... MOO Cards! This clever
and innovative company generates these "moo"
cards in England - thus, the Royal Mail.
Moo Mini cards are mini business cards with your own
personal photos, art or designs. You can add your
name, email, website, phone number, address or
whatever. Look at mine! I did about 10 different
designs so I got 10 of each one. . . 100 in a package.
Just think of the possibilities...I did! So I had
a set of 100 created for my daughter and her
family who just moved to Ohio. It has pics of them
in 6 different photos with their name and
email on the back. Great gift for anyone! Only 100
in a package so ....Now the question is...rationing.
Are you "moo worthy"?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just ask Marcy...

Who's that over Marcy's shoulder? You must go to her blog at the Raleigh News Observer to find out. Oh, oh, oh. so much fun. Marcy spent a couple hours at Random Arts this past Saturday with several other friends and I could tell right away "she was in the right place". In spite of it being so very busy, Marcy took a moment to corral me into a corner for a picture of me and her whimsical little muse "Wimi". Her creation had long gray hair, just like her and dutifully on my shoulder and above the ribbon rack while she shopped till she dropped.
While Paul did his best keeping things in
check I was back and forth with Martine
House's workshop at the Methodist Church
Hall. I think the best comment came from
Elizabeth Hunley who was so shocked that
she actually made something using a sewing
machine. She had never touched or used a
machine before Saturday. She was so excited
to have the opportunity to learn so much
from Martine.