Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The "Royal Mail" has arrived! What is inside this package
so simple, so demure, so plain? Just waiting for
me to "zip" it open. A surprise? No, it is just what I
wanted and I have Cheryl Prater to thank for
turning me on to this... MOO Cards! This clever
and innovative company generates these "moo"
cards in England - thus, the Royal Mail.
Moo Mini cards are mini business cards with your own
personal photos, art or designs. You can add your
name, email, website, phone number, address or
whatever. Look at mine! I did about 10 different
designs so I got 10 of each one. . . 100 in a package.
Just think of the possibilities...I did! So I had
a set of 100 created for my daughter and her
family who just moved to Ohio. It has pics of them
in 6 different photos with their name and
email on the back. Great gift for anyone! Only 100
in a package so ....Now the question is...rationing.
Are you "moo worthy"?

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