Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just ask Marcy...

Who's that over Marcy's shoulder? You must go to her blog at the Raleigh News Observer to find out. Oh, oh, oh. so much fun. Marcy spent a couple hours at Random Arts this past Saturday with several other friends and I could tell right away "she was in the right place". In spite of it being so very busy, Marcy took a moment to corral me into a corner for a picture of me and her whimsical little muse "Wimi". Her creation had long gray hair, just like her and dutifully on my shoulder and above the ribbon rack while she shopped till she dropped.
While Paul did his best keeping things in
check I was back and forth with Martine
House's workshop at the Methodist Church
Hall. I think the best comment came from
Elizabeth Hunley who was so shocked that
she actually made something using a sewing
machine. She had never touched or used a
machine before Saturday. She was so excited
to have the opportunity to learn so much
from Martine.

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