Thursday, August 09, 2007

Business as usual?

In lieu of my lack of creative activities and my attention to the retail side of this business I have had the opportunity to meet some very cool people from all over the world. On Saturday it was a couple from Spain. They loved the store but since I was so so busy I didn't get a chance to take any photos of them.
Today, a friend and customer from Charlotte, Suzi Hunt, brought in Karen from Livingston, Montana. While she was here we got to chat about the area where she and my daughter both live. She is a rock collector so she frequents the running rivers there such as theYellowstone and Gallatin where she has found agate and other gems.
That might be something that I might try when I go out there next week and she said August is good time because the rivers are low and you can wade out onto the islands and search for special finds. Maybe you will see me doing that next week when I report in from Bozeman.
A young, blossoming artist from West Palm Beach was in today
loading her basket with goodies to make a memory book of her trip to North Carolina. We chose Stargazers and a water brush for color on the blank pages and a black Aquarelle pencil for outlining and
a couple packets of our very special Random Arts papers. Of course
she needed Golden Soft Gel Matte Medium to hold it all together.
As Jackie left the shop her father snapped a picture of the 2 of us, with his disposable camera and I snapped one of her. With alot of coaxing,
she promised to send a photo of her pages of "North Carolina". We'll see how that goes, you know how those teenagers are!

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