Monday, August 27, 2007

Foxy encounters

Twice last week at totally different times
of the day and night I came across a red fox
scurrying across the road in Saluda. Although
I was driving slow when I saw this creature, I
wasn't able to take a picture but I found this
one from a National Geographic website.
This is the first time I had ever seen a fox of
any kind in the wild(if you call Saluda "wild").
It was daylight,around 6pm when the first one
startled me as I was driving down Ozone Dr.
on my way home from work. Then again around
10 pm a few days later in the same general area,
there it was again. I got a little curious
after that second siting decided to do a little
research. Here is some of what I found -
Overwhelmingly, cultural consensus on fox animal symbolism deals with
strategy, quick thinking, adaptability, cleverness, wisdom and cunning.
Visit this web site for more information on the red fox.


  1. Marney McClung4:34 PM

    Jane, the article in CPS is terrific, but those who have never ventured inside your shop have no idea about the energy and enthusiasm and instruction and encouragement that they are missing!! Thanks for being there for our creative inspiration. mmcc

  2. Cool! We have a resident ground hog and a rather large rabbit in our back yard here in the definitely not wild Raleigh suburbs, thanks to a natural area just behind our house.

    Stopped by to say hey, and tag you for the Random 8 Meme project. See the rules (it's fun, don't worry) here: You're it!

  3. Joanie9:46 AM

    I live in MD & every rare once in a while I see a fox glide away into the woods. My sister, who is a vet tech, recently stopped along Route 50-an 8 lane highway-to rescue a "kitten" playing with a box on the side of this road. Turned out to be a baby gray fox! A wildlife organaztion came to pick up the baby & will eventually release her into the wild again. I only got to see a pciture but she was VERY cute. Cheers, Joanie