Saturday, September 01, 2007

Spritzing in Saluda

Every time I do a mini class on Friday I see more and more great work coming from the participants & this past week so no exception.
I took "some" previous instruction from
Fred Mullett along with his awesome rubber stamp images to teach the spritzing technique last week. Always popular, always fun and easy to work with. Fred has a way with the natural flow of the stamps that he creates, using nature itself as his inspiration. Marvy Brush Markers in all their glorious colors add magic to his images and produces all these mini "works of art".
Moving on to the bottom of this page is a
card that Susan Edwards from
Wilmington created over the counter on Saturday.
.She hadn't been here in 3 years so I encouraged her
to go for it by showing her the new color blocks stamp pads. ( She has been out of loop taking care of an aging mother) We swirled it over the glossy paper, overtstamped with black ink add some wholey paper,some scrap ribbon, cut a tag out of black scraps,and presto magico, she created piece of art. Hurrah for us.

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