Sunday, September 16, 2007

Altered? Why not?

Cut, shorten, add, subtract and stylize is what Suzi Hunt of Charlotte, NC had in mind when she took it upon herself to alter the new Random Arts T-Shirt. First Suzi looked at the length of the t-shirt and decided that it was way too long, so off went the bottom. Then she added beaded trim around the neck and coordinating trim on the sleeves. Looking closer shows embroidery stitching around "Random Arts " along with a decorative button. How awesome Suzi, and thanks for showing it off for us at the Golden Artist Colors workshop this past Saturday.
Patti Brady was also in her usual creative form as she
worked her way through the day demonstrating
Golden acrylics for surface design and textures.
Wow, what a day it was and all 24 people were on the edge
of their seats soaking it all up. From Tar Gel skins to Fiber Paste to Crackle Transfer, Patti showed it all and to top it off everyone got a great bag filled with product to use and take home. Thank you Patti.


  1. Love your blog! I'm in Indiana but we go to Myrtle twice a year-would love to stop. Saw your article in CPS-congrats! I'd be honored if you looked at my blog:

  2. Thanks Gina
    We are on the road to Myrtle Beach from Indiana. Random Arts is 1 mile off of I26 so it's easy to find. Just let me know when you are coming. closed on Sun and Mon. (FYI)

  3. Suzi, if you're tuning in to Jane's blog, you've got me thinking about "sprucing up" my Random Arts apron after seeing your shirt last Saturday at the fun class with Patti Brady. There's only one teensy-tiny problem, I don't sew!