Sunday, September 30, 2007

16 holdouts....

You know who you are. . . Yes, out of the
18 participants in Cheryl Prater's workshop
here last Saturday only
2 of you have sent
photos or brought in
your completed projects
and those are Betsy and Marilyn. Betsy

chose to mount her three pieces on a cherrywood

plank, forming one work of art. Betsy chose 3
complimentary colors using Lumiere Paints and
a layering technique that she learned in class.
Marilyn wanted a more subdued look using the
Instant Iron and Instant Rust finishers.These work
on wood, plastic, metal, fabric & more.
Very cool.
Thank youboth very much for sharing
your work with us on the World Wide Blog " Random Art Notes."


  1. Elizabeth Libbey1:10 PM

    Jane, Caught up with your blog and our Diva blog this morning and enjoyed all. You take great pictures, one of your many talents!


  2. looks like fun...wish i had been there...blessngs, rebecca