Monday, September 10, 2007

Tagged? Alrighty then.....

Here goes... First of all I want to thank my blogging buddy in Raleigh, Chrysti
Quirks? not me. All you have to do is ask me what my quirks are but don't ask the person that lives with me. I won't even do that. It took me several days to think of just ONE quirk and then I started thinking of more and more and more....
#1. I don't close the tops on bottles, tubes, jars or anything that screws on.... It doesn't really bother me that the caps are not closed but it probably irritates the heck out of everyone else who follows behind me spilling it's contents onto themselves & everywhere else.
#2. The brown paper on the back table in the classroom has to be really really clean before I can start a project and no one better get it all marked up ..... except me. After all, I'm the boss.
#3. I do not like listening to music
#4. This goes along with #3 - no radio allowed in the car
#5. Other than those I am just about perfect, which could be one more quirk.
So Chrysti, that's as good as it gets for now. and if I think of anymore that I care to share with the world, you will be the first to know.

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