Monday, September 24, 2007

Working small with Cheryl Prater

I am quite sure that those attending Cheryl's
workshop here this past Saturday said this on
their way home... " It doesn't get better than that".
It was all smiles, all happy artists as we went
through the day enjoying Cheryl's sense of humor,
artistic direction and inspiration. Most everyone
had completed 3. 6 x 6 canvases as their "shrine"
to the micro mini collages that they had created
in class.

Lynn "crashed" the party by driving all the way from Charlotte, without registering, hoping to get in. She fell for Cheryl's Sixtyopoly Piece that was on the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors. She was determined to get into this class and by the looks of her in the that photo... SHE IS HAPPY.

Working small on the little chipboard pieces
was a challenge to some of us but Cheryl kept
us on track by continuing to show techniques
that she uses on her daily work.

In order for the class to complete their work
by the end of the day,
Cheryl gently kept them on task by "cracking her whip"
and screaming
"you better get it done".
All kidding aside, Cheryl has a way of encouraging
with kindness and a motivating sense of humor that
everyone appreciated.
Thank you Cheryl, and we all hope you come back
to teach in Saluda real soon.
First, get your book done!


  1. Thank you Jane for having me out to Saluda. That was so much fun. I loved meeting all the like-minded media-mixers! Not to mention the thrill of seeing all the diverse results that come out of the same instructions. A great time and I look forward coming back soon. Hey all you artists from my class - I want emails WITH PICTURES.

    I will be posting pix on my blog by my Internet is DOWN. Commenting from the office -- oops, here comes my boss, back to work!;p

  2. Michelle C7:21 PM

    oh, I'm so sorry I couldn't make this one!! waaaa

    do you have Dec, Jan, Feb classes lined up? I'm itching to come to your neck of the woods again.. but then I'm wondering if you'll be snowed in during that time!! hehehe

  3. hey jane!
    i just know you all had a wonderful time in Cheryl's class, and were inspired beyond belief. I soooo wish i lived closer and could have attended too, i miss north carolina....

  4. You must have so much fun. i keep meaning to drop you a note and say how much i liked reading about you and your store in CPS. it looks like you have truly taken Joseph Campbells words to heart and have followed your bliss! Good for you ^_^

  5. Wow... if I had known my hands would make your blog... I would have stopped and had a manicure. I had a great time shopping in your store... See you soon