Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dolly's ready!

She's ready to create now that she has her new Random Arts apron on & all her brushes & paints in her pocket. Yes, the aprons have arrived & they are very, very cool. It didn't take us long to create our new display using a Katie Kendrick inspired face that I drew back in June when she was here teaching. The most logical thing was to turn Dolly into our mannequin to display our apron.
Not only are we ready for Patti Brady's class this Saturday, we will be more than ready when Cheryl Prater ( The Cloth, Paper, Scissors Cover Girl) arrives to teach on the 22nd. It's amusement in full force with Cheryl but I "think" that she told me she will do a little "instructing," too. Seems to me that she mentioned that she might be teaching a similar project that was seen in CPS in May June '08. Wow, she gets around, doesn't she? And the best part is that we still have a few spaces left and it's first come, first serve, as usual. If Cheryl can teach over 100 people at Make it University at the Quilt show in Chicago, she can teach 24 here in Saluda. Don't dilly-dally... time's a wastin'. Oh yes, Cheryl will be treated to the big BarbQ in the park on Saturday night here in Saluda. Shhhhhhh.....I was going to surprise her with this. Don't tell.

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  1. Yay! I'm getting my new apron tomorrow when I come in for Patti's. Save one for me!