Friday, July 31, 2009

From bloggers to bookies

All you have to do is start blogging or getting into Facebook
and you will find

more like-minded friends than you ever would
have imagined... just like us!
Julie Bagamary, Sally Casper, Martha Lever, Me, Carol Sloan

One thing led to another and with the magic
of email we all gathered at the shop
to chat, play and inspire each other
with our works of art.
What a joy it was to have all these
talented artists in one special place.

Jen's Eyelet Bound Book Workshop was fast and furious
as 7 artistic and creative women joined together
to create a very unique book.
From gluing to stripping, to painting to molding,
to using the sewing machine to bind it all....
They did it!
What fun we had... What's next on the schedule Jen?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wonders of Lettering

I look at this and think " what a beautiful
way to address an envelope" or "how special
it is to receive something like this in the mail".
Thanks to calligrapher Catherine Langsdorf
of Hendersonville, I AM the lucky recipient
of such a work of art.
Catherine has been a master calligrapher for quite some
time now and we have been fortunate enough
to have her teach here in the past.
One of the workshops that seemed to be the most
popular was the Pointed Brush Calligraphy
where using the dual tip Tombow markers were
the tools of choice. How easy is that?

She is back on the "teaching circuit" and will be
here this fall.
Check out her blog and see what she is doing,
other than homeschooling her twins.
Not only is she a great calligrapher, she is
a talented instructor who provides
gentle guidance lovingly and from the heart.
We look forward to her next assignment
here at Random Arts in Saluda.
Be sure to get on the list if you are interested.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carol Sloan's "her awakening" rusted fabric wall hanging
was an all out success. Each of us, including me, completed our
project (well, almost), had time for lunch and ...
time to chatter away and enjoy creative interaction with
each other. Great great great fun!!!! A big
thank you to Carol for "pre-drawing" these
beautiful faces. Without that, who
knows what we would have done.
We all decided that with a little help
from Carol on how to draw a face, and
a lot of practice, we might be able to
that part fairly soon.

Karen Hope works away at the placement of
her rusted fabric.

Tonya Peters is almost finished with her
glorious creation. I especially love the
rusted flourish on the right side.

Karen added felt ribbon and dyed cheesecloth
to her wall hanging. She will complete it
with hand beading at home.

I work way too fast for my own good
and then I never like what I have done.
The one thing that I did like is the overspray
mask with walnut ink.
Mine was a bit smaller and I did some
"art quilt stitching" on my batik fabric.

Betsy Libbey used
Golden Paints Titan buff with other
shading techniques for a soft, mysterious look.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Saturday - Fabric Wall Hanging

Date: Sat. 18th of July

Event: Rusted Wall Hanging
Create a 14 x 14 inch fabric wall hanging
utilizing hand rusted fabrics,

vintage laces, photo transfers, painting
and stitched embellishments.

Where: Random Arts

Who: Carol Sloan

Time: 10 am till 4pm

Supplies: Sewing Machine, thread, scissors

State of Mind: Creativity

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Patti Digh - Life is a Verb Request

I just read Patti Digh's blog "37 days" and thought
that this might be a really fun way to connect with her.
This is what she wrote... or you can go to her blog, directly
and read it.... (it's the July 10th entry) Sounds like fun!
Nonetheless, I think it's a great idea!

I love quilts. Love, love, love them.

There is an old one in my closet, now sheer as a piece of phyllo, whose straight lines served as roads for many Matchbox cars in my childhood. There is the one my mother made me, her first. And many more. I am drawn to them.

I've thought for a long time about how I'd like to commemorate my 50th birthday. And I'd like to celebrate it by creating with you a special quilt--a paper one--for my 50th birthday. Which will be in, oh, exactly THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS.

Can you help?

Let's make a paper quilt, you and I. Get a 4x6-inch index card, or cut a piece of card stock paper that size, and make a wee piece of art on it for me. Whatever you'd like. Play! Perhaps in response to 37days or Life is a Verb, a message to me or to the universe, whatever makes you happy. A collage, a painting, a puzzle, fabric, a poem, a photograph, anything! Sign the back (with your mailing address, if you would).

Send it to me by August 10th:

Patti Digh
P.O. Box 18323
Asheville, NC 28814

I will piece them together into a magical paper quilt and be very very happy. I will sit and look at it for the next 50 years.

I would love that. I would dearly, deeply love that.

Patti, the 49-year-old

It's coming along

The floor in the studio is now "officially" painted
and we actually have some work spaces aligned.
Doesn't it look great?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vintage magazines anyone?

Somerset Studio?
Artitude Zine?

I have quite a few of these
"zines" and I just put some
of them up
on my eBay store.

Starting bid?

for groups of 3 or more

They're all different so be sure to check it out,
especially if you are
looking for a specific issue.
It's the deal of the century!

And don't forget
BIG SALE continues in our back room
when we open up at 11am
next Wednesday, July 15th.

You can't beat the prices on all these
"assorted goods for creative mindfulness"

Thursday, July 09, 2009

We have a gate... or 2

Oh that rusted corrugated metal is hard to come by, especially
here in the south.One would think that it could
be found everywhere since it used to be on roofs and garages,
and junkyards, and chicken coops and woodsheds.
It all must have corroded away, but we got it figured
out now. WE make our own. It looks pretty grungy
and all it took was some patience,
perserverence and a whole lot of time.

Getting it level to the "millionth" of an inch
was Paul's job... not mine.
I am of the "that's good enough" mindset.

Not only do I have a security fence but
I have a security guy too,
Be afraid, be very afraid.
Click on picture for a visual.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I know him... really well..

He's a star and now the whole USA Today network knows it.
Who is it you ask? It's Ralph Berger (Joyce's dh) right here in
the area who was asked by USA Today to contribute to their
article entitled: Art in Airports.
Click here for the entire article.

The process.




Check out the full length view of my
rusting process on this shiny metal.
Can't wait to show you how cool
it looks when it's on the gate.
That will be today.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

What page is it on?

Spanikopita on 4th of July?

Jewelry artist, instructor
& friend Louise McClure
decided to make Cheryl Prater's recipe
for Spanikopita and invite us to dinner.

Why? You ask? Why did Louise choose Spanikopita
as the main dish
on 4th of July? The answer,

of course... because wanted to.
You see, Cheryl included a recipe for
her delicious Spanikopita in
her book
Mixed Mania
"Recipes for Mixed Media Creations"

Cheryl and Debbi Crane were just here teaching
a few weeks ago and Louise really enjoyed meeting
Cheryl and reading the book.

Here's my portion along with
the Dragon "something" green beans and mozarella/tomato salad.
The end; no one wants to eat the last piece.
What's that all about?

Thank you Cheryl Prater for adding the recipe to
your book, but can you send me the
recipe so I can add it to this blog?

Thanks Louise for a great evening

along with fireworks on the veranda.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The lonely swing

This swing has such an
interesting story having
come from a house ready
to be razed in Charlotte, NC.
I can only imagine the moments
spent by the lovely couple
who first bought it back in
the 40's or 50's.
A city lot, enormous trees,
beautiful flowers, well pruned
hedges, garden paths,
friendly neighbors, private
fenced yard with the whole
world yet to be discovered.
Then suddenly, those years
have passed them by and
it all disappeared into the past...
their house, their family,
their garden.
I think that I will keep this
"lonely swing"
and the memories that only
I can imagine or perhaps
create lovely new ones.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Just in today!
Art Revolution is on the cutting edge, exploring how artists are reinterpreting, reinventingand redefining everything from the surfaces on which they work to the way viewers interact with their finished pieces.
Available now at Random arts

Mixed Media Techniques for successful tranfers.
NO FEAR Transfers...
If you have ever tried image transfers or have experienced image transfer
mishaps, then Image Transfer Workshop is for you.
This book presents step by step techniques for 35 image transfer
processes, extensive tips for fixing mishaps and examples of how
to combine transfers in finished pieces of mixed media art.
Available now at Random Arts in Saluda
Making jewelry with meaning.
The things that you collect - the ticket stubs, the coins, the pieces of shell from a
beach - hold meaning and significance, reminding you not only where you have been,
but also where you are capable of going. Making these items into wearable pieces
of art - amplifying their power to become amulets and talismans- is a rewarding
experience that's easy to do.
Available now at Random Arts