Sunday, July 05, 2009

What page is it on?

Spanikopita on 4th of July?

Jewelry artist, instructor
& friend Louise McClure
decided to make Cheryl Prater's recipe
for Spanikopita and invite us to dinner.

Why? You ask? Why did Louise choose Spanikopita
as the main dish
on 4th of July? The answer,

of course... because wanted to.
You see, Cheryl included a recipe for
her delicious Spanikopita in
her book
Mixed Mania
"Recipes for Mixed Media Creations"

Cheryl and Debbi Crane were just here teaching
a few weeks ago and Louise really enjoyed meeting
Cheryl and reading the book.

Here's my portion along with
the Dragon "something" green beans and mozarella/tomato salad.
The end; no one wants to eat the last piece.
What's that all about?

Thank you Cheryl Prater for adding the recipe to
your book, but can you send me the
recipe so I can add it to this blog?

Thanks Louise for a great evening

along with fireworks on the veranda.


  1. YUM YUM!! Hopefully you will get that recipe and blog it!! Hope you had a great 4th!

  2. jen salak11:14 AM

    oh spannies!!! my favorite!
    Louise we will have to compare our secrets!
    jen salak

  3. Jen, where are you? Using a mac?