Thursday, July 09, 2009

We have a gate... or 2

Oh that rusted corrugated metal is hard to come by, especially
here in the south.One would think that it could
be found everywhere since it used to be on roofs and garages,
and junkyards, and chicken coops and woodsheds.
It all must have corroded away, but we got it figured
out now. WE make our own. It looks pretty grungy
and all it took was some patience,
perserverence and a whole lot of time.

Getting it level to the "millionth" of an inch
was Paul's job... not mine.
I am of the "that's good enough" mindset.

Not only do I have a security fence but
I have a security guy too,
Be afraid, be very afraid.
Click on picture for a visual.

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