Sunday, July 19, 2009

Carol Sloan's "her awakening" rusted fabric wall hanging
was an all out success. Each of us, including me, completed our
project (well, almost), had time for lunch and ...
time to chatter away and enjoy creative interaction with
each other. Great great great fun!!!! A big
thank you to Carol for "pre-drawing" these
beautiful faces. Without that, who
knows what we would have done.
We all decided that with a little help
from Carol on how to draw a face, and
a lot of practice, we might be able to
that part fairly soon.

Karen Hope works away at the placement of
her rusted fabric.

Tonya Peters is almost finished with her
glorious creation. I especially love the
rusted flourish on the right side.

Karen added felt ribbon and dyed cheesecloth
to her wall hanging. She will complete it
with hand beading at home.

I work way too fast for my own good
and then I never like what I have done.
The one thing that I did like is the overspray
mask with walnut ink.
Mine was a bit smaller and I did some
"art quilt stitching" on my batik fabric.

Betsy Libbey used
Golden Paints Titan buff with other
shading techniques for a soft, mysterious look.


  1. always FABULOUS to leave a workshop with a finished piece. i wish i could have been there. but i spent a blissful 12 hours at the ann arbor art fair in mi.

  2. Beautiful work - love the colors! It sounded like a wonderful workshop.

  3. how fun, how fabulous - yours included, missy! another reason why I long to live near Saluda....
    do you still have a bunch of old magazines??