Monday, July 20, 2009

Wonders of Lettering

I look at this and think " what a beautiful
way to address an envelope" or "how special
it is to receive something like this in the mail".
Thanks to calligrapher Catherine Langsdorf
of Hendersonville, I AM the lucky recipient
of such a work of art.
Catherine has been a master calligrapher for quite some
time now and we have been fortunate enough
to have her teach here in the past.
One of the workshops that seemed to be the most
popular was the Pointed Brush Calligraphy
where using the dual tip Tombow markers were
the tools of choice. How easy is that?

She is back on the "teaching circuit" and will be
here this fall.
Check out her blog and see what she is doing,
other than homeschooling her twins.
Not only is she a great calligrapher, she is
a talented instructor who provides
gentle guidance lovingly and from the heart.
We look forward to her next assignment
here at Random Arts in Saluda.
Be sure to get on the list if you are interested.


  1. i agree....catherine's letterforms are beautiful! that will be a wonderful class! :)

  2. I must agree with you, it is a work of art, I’ll check her site. That’s very thoughtful of you to post a link to her site. Thanks

  3. Wow! That’s so cool! I’m really interested to learn calligraphy. I think this is worth something to learn.