Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Organic glass? You bet

While in Bozeman, Montana this past week, I visited the Emerson Center again, which happened to be right across the street from my daughter's apartment. The Emerson Center is an arts and cultural center which provides space for area artists to display their work, educate area residents and promote interest in the arts. In the Jessie Wilber Gallery were 2 artists showing their works, Barry Hood, glass artist and Dana Boussard.
Barry Hood is a glass artist who appreciates and works with nature in his glass pieces. Each piece is unique, organic and mystifying. I had to look close, beyond the expected to see how each carved line was created and only at the end of the exhibit did I see how it was really done.
Barry carves out the centers of a tree trunk to the size and shape that his project requires and pours hot liquid glass into it, charring the inside cavity and molding the glass to that form.
Even the mold becomes art. He adds copper wire to the glass, touches of copper and gold for luminescence and sculpted bronze as accents. Truly inspiring and I feel very fortunate to have been able to see his work in such an intimate setting. View his web site to see more photos of his work. You will love it! On the other hand, Dana Boussard combines fabric, felts and fibers to her paintings and drawing which upon a closer look reveals the intricacy of her piece. Her work is shown nationally and her web site reveals
much more than what was hung at the gallery.

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