Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flower Power


You bet, just ask Doni Jordan what power she
has when she uses her "hippie" sewing machine
to create art.

See those original hippie flowers
painted on her sewing machine?

After laughing hysterically about the kind of sewing machines that we used for this class, our theme became " we don't need no stinkin' Bernina". No offense Bernina, we love you but our type of sewing was far less complicated than anyone who uses a Bernina could ever imagine.

Janette Grassi chose a neutral color palette
of heavy weight fabrics for a "one of a kind"
woven book. We had such a great time with Janette
as she tried & tried to make that ancient sewing machine work.
I think it needs oil. Funny how that makes all the difference.
Here is Janette's finished cover. Isn't it wonderful?

Mary Reeves thought that her old singer wouldn't do
the job but the "old Singer gal" did just fine. Mary
persevered and decided that she enjoyed making
this book so much that she wanted to make more
but not before she had her machine serviced for
additional "active duty".

Now, Doni Jordan, she's quite a seamstress when
it comes to papers, scrap fabrics and creating works of art.
Her sewing machine was a graduation present from high school
and it even has yellow and orange flowers on it. Yes! It was
made that way. How cool is that?

Jean used my little Kenmore $75. portable machine
that I can carry anywhere. She started off a little timid
but after I told her it was like riding a bike, she carried on
and finished quite a nice book cover.

Betsy Libbey used her refurbished "feather weight"
to sew her book cover together. Adorning the cover
with an Extravorganza photo transfer of herself
at 3 yrs old.


  1. Wow, I need to dig my old sewing machine out of the archives (basement:) - this makes me want to learn how to use it after all these years:)

  2. Yes you can Ms. Patti. Can;t you just feel all that creative energy oozing out of us. We had a blast. Wish you could have been here.

  3. "Flower Power"....I have this same machine!!!....How funny to see it on your blog....I must dust it off and see if it works....Miss your shop soooo,Jane....BIG hugs

    Janie in Murphy

  4. Well, my 1947 Featherweight looks pretty good, but boy do I need a manicure! It was a great class Jane!

    Betsy L.

  5. They look so cool. I've got a machine in here somewhere...