Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Recently, I came across these pics of a beautiful cuff created by Heather. We met Heather at the Inspired Artist retreat in Concord, NC last year and she immediately bought the cuff ribbon and began her journey into these amazing works of art.

When she cut the cuff ribbon to short she went into action and decided that she could do a "loop de loop" and make it even more interesting. Good for you Heather!!!

I love the way her bracelet matches the beads that she is wearing. It really makes a statement.

Hopefully she will be back again this year and we can see what other new projects she has been
working on.

This event is so much fun and it is such high energy.
It's hard to believe that all that positive, creative energy fills that entire Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center and we all soak it all up. It's a crazy fun thing and a
fabulous weekend for all of us.

Even if you are not registered as an attendee you can come to Concord and share some of the fun by shopping with all the vendors and maybe even peeking into a classroom or two.
It's worth the trip!!!

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