Wednesday, March 04, 2009

White Washing

Who said you couldn't hang the sheets
out to dry in the snow?
The sun is shining, the temperature
is 40, why not?
Out by 10 in by 5
That's the adage from
the old dry cleaner days.
Maybe that still exists in some other
world that I am not familiar with anymore.
Could that be the "olden days"?

Nonetheless, the sheets were dry & fresh & crisp
when I got home today and it was
a sensory pleasure to place
them on the bed. ooooooh aahhhhhhhh love it!


  1. There is absolutely nothing like the semll or feeling of line dried sheets!!! How marvelous!!

    you go girl!!

  2. One of my absolute favorite things about summer....hanging my sheets outside...nothing is better then crawling in to bed with that heavenly scent!